Get insights that are actually insightful

With Juni as the single source of truth for all your ecommerce finances, you can make informed decisions with confidence.
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Better understand your cash flow
Our clever cash flow analytics feature delivers all the financial insights you need in seconds. Plus you can access tailored credit offers to ease the pressure as and when you need it.
Effortlessly track and manage your ad spend 
Integrate your Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts to get a centralised, real-time overview of performance and ad metrics without having to log in to multiple platforms.
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Make smarter decisions about your stores at scale
The easy way to track your Shopify stores performance and trends. Effortlessly manage real-time Shopify data and insights and feel in control with over 12 performance data points and key metrics.
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Save precious time with automated financial reports
Generate custom-made financial reports and have them sent straight to your inbox. Having a complete overview of your business’s most important financial metrics has never been easier.
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