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Juni Virtual Mastercard® Corporate Card*
*Virtual cards available in EUR, USD and SEK
*SEK accounts currently available for EU-based companies only
SEPA and SWIFT payments
Account Transfer FX Fees
You may be charged up to 0.5% when moving money into your Juni account, between Juni accounts or to non-Juni accounts. This FX fee may be lower in some jurisdictions.
Up to 0.5%
Card FX Fees
Juni Mastercard cards
When making transactions in a currency that doesn’t match your Juni account, we use the Mastercard rate as seen here. Juni will apply an FX fee of up to 1.5% on top of this. This FX fee may be lower in some jurisdictions. Merchants may apply additional fees that are outside of our control. Up to 1.5% over the Mastercard rate
Up to 1.5%
No caps
Enjoy up to 1% cash back on all debit card spend.
Up to 1%

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