Save hours of manual data entry with lightning-fast pre-accounting

Take control of your cash flow

Juni gives businesses in digital commerce the financial tools and intelligence you need to manage and ease cash flow and make smarter decisions – faster.

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Get a unified view of your finances

We give you virtual Juni Mastercard Corporate cards, multi-currency accounts, and banking, accounting and advertising integrations - all in one place. Juni can even help you boost your cash flow with working capital, cashback, and more.

Business accounts & cards

Open multi-currency IBAN accounts and create virtual Juni Mastercard Corporate cards with high spend limits.

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Fast & flexible financing

Access interest-free capital made for media buying or paying suppliers, with up to 90 days to repay. 

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Powerful integrations

Integrate 2000+ banks, accounting tools and storefronts for unrivalled insights and automations. 

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Automated invoices

Collect, schedule and pay your media invoices in seconds and extend your runway with up to 90 days from fees as low as 2%.

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Interest-free capital as and when you need it

Ease and extend your cash flow cycles with fast access to flexible credit lines on up to 90-day payment terms.*

* Capital is currently available for UK, SE, DE and NL companies only, upon eligibility. Terms and conditions apply. Penalties and interest may apply for customers that default on payments. Click here for details.

Business accounts built to streamline payments

Pay and get paid in the right currency with IBAN accounts in EUR, SEK, GBP and USD. Plus create as many virtual Juni Mastercard Corporate cards as you need with low FX fees.

All your finances, at your fingertips

Access card details, instantly upload receipts, check balances and more with the Juni mobile app. 

Powerful integrations that make every day easier

Unite your ecomm stack in mere minutes. Track funds, gain new insights and save precious time with clever features and automations that take care of the mundane tasks for you.

Nothing less than excellent

“Juni has been an incredibly valuable tool for our business when it comes to managing our financial administration, rather than relying on spreadsheets, Juni's platform offers a much more streamlined and efficient way to track our transactions and manage invoices.”

Jamil Bechara, Head of Accounting at
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“The most obvious reason that we choose Juni is because of the cashback from the ad spend, all payments from different ad platforms being funnelled into one single location, along with the improved liquidity that comes with the invoicing.”

Anton Höjding, Chief Marketing Officer at NUDIENT.
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“We enjoy the easy integration of payment across advertising platforms and managing all ad spend from one place with automated receipt management for advertising platforms.”

Michael Wicke, Head of Performance Marketing at waterdrop.
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Our investors
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Juni was born on the West Coast in 2020

Not Silicon Valley, but Sweden - Gothenburg to be exact. Our co-founders, Samir El-Sabini and Anders Orsedal, both worked in the industry we cater to today and felt frustrated at the lack of financial services tailored to their needs.

juni founders

"We have lived the problems ourselves. I had two companies, in ecommerce and marketing. One failure and one success. In both companies, we did everything from affiliate marketing to dropshipping to inventory ecommerce where we sold our own products. I was the one responsible for all financial management and I was very frustrated. In the last company, we changed our financial solution seven times and we did that because we couldn't get the right solution for our needs," says Samir El-Sabini, CEO and Co-Founder of Juni.

We’ve come a long way since our founders decided to create the financial platform built for ecommerce. Now, the all-in-one solution helping businesses save time, scale up and succeed has become a reality.

gothenburg, sweden
Gothenburg, sweden