Meet the Future of Banking for E-commerce & Marketing Companies.

You already track your Return on Ad Spend. Juni tracks your entire business in one place. Tailor-made for the marketing & e-commerce ecosystem.

Say Hello to your new Financial Companion.

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Track your cashflow with integrations.

Track your funds in one dashboard. A centralized overview of all your bank accounts, networks and payment services.

juni limited beta

Track the ROI across your entire business.

Watch your business grow over time with the same precision that you track your campaigns with. Get daily financial updates to your Slack or email.

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juni limited beta

Spend less time chasing receipts.

Juni automatically fetches invoices from your advertising networks and business Gmail account. No more time wasted downloading and uploading receipts.

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Banking Designed for Digital Entrepreneurs.

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Banking Services will be rolled out in Q1 2021. Available to EU and UK customers first.

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VISA Platinum Made for Online Advertising.

  • 0.75% Cashback on all advertising spend.
  • Your choice of daily and monthly spend limits.
  • Your choice of currency (EUR, USD, GBP)
  • Unlimited amounts of Virtual and Physical Cards.

Want to be one of the first to access Juni? Apply for early access and we'll be in touch.

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IBAN Accounts in EUR, USD and GBP.

Avoid fees by paying & getting paid in the right currency. Secure IBANs provided by our partner RailsBank regulated by the UK FCA.

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Scale faster - Juni improves your liquidity.

When you want to scale that winning campaign, cash flow can quickly become an issue. Through partnerships and our credit product Juni will significantly lower the time you wait to get paid. No more waiting for payments from networks like Stripe, ClickBank, Braintree and PayPal.

Are you a performance network or payment gateway?
We want to partner with you!

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Easily share your Financial Data with your team.

Get detailed customizable reports on your financials.

Send snapshots of your key financials, growth rate and revenue to stakeholders or team members.

Generate detailed accounting reports to your accountant, Juni’s got you covered.

Banking 2.0:
Built in Sweden.

Far from Silicon Valley, Juni was born on the western coast of Sweden in the beautiful city of Gothenburg.

Gothenburg, sweden

We have come a long way since the idea was hatched by the two founders, Anders Orsedal and Samir El-Sabini.

The two Juni founders, Anders Orsedal and Samir El-Sabini.

What was once just an idea for the perfect banking platform for Performance Marketing and E-commerce is quickly becoming reality.

Some of Our investors

Jarno Vanhatapio

Founder & CEO NA-KD

Johan Bendz

Founding team member, CMO iZettle

Ron Stolero

Data Lead, iZettle

We are building a company that will redefine the role of banking. Juni is the financial companion that empowers digital entrepreneurs to make better decisions, enables you to scale up your operation and unleash the full potential of digital commerce in your favour. With our world-class team, investors and advisors, we invite you to join Juni. A journey with a financial companion that understands you.

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As we prepare for launch we’re looking for a limited number of beta testers. Join the community and help shape the future of Juni.

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