Fast and flexible financing to ease your cash flow

Extend your runway with Juni Capital for cards and invoices. Apply from your account and get approved in as little as 24 hours.

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Capital for cards

Get flexible credit lines to spend on ad campaigns, inventory, and scaling your business. Effortlessly allocate funds across your virtual Juni Mastercards and streamline your cash flow management.¹

Access interest-free financing from 10k up to 2M EUR
37 days to repay, and up to 60 days available
Explore Business Accounts and Cards
Capital for invoices

Capital for invoices unlocks a flexible financing option powered by our Juni Invoices feature. Pay and extend your repayment terms on any invoice, boosting your cash flow.²

Access financing from 10k up to 20M EUR
Get up to 120 extra days to settle your invoices
Explore Accounts Payable
Finance media and inventory in a few clicks

Paying for ads and inventory before they’ve paid off for you? Juni Capital gives you more time to settle your invoices, freeing up your cash flow and helping you to negotiate better rates with your suppliers – all for fixed monthly fees as low as 3%.

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The easier way to manage and distribute capital

Improve your team's productivity and control with more visibility on how you manage and spend your capital – all from your smart dashboard.

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Choose your terms
Select up to 20M EUR in capital, and preferred repayment terms.
Access your capital
Instantly receive funds in your preferred currency.

Nothing less than excellent

“Juni puts all our subscriptions in one place, making it easy to track and manage our regular expenses. It also links receipts from our Gmail to expenses, which saves us time and keeps things clear.”

Paulina Lejarza, Marketing Executive at Carl Friedrik
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“By using the Juni Mastercard® Corporate card we can boost our liquidity and streamline all marketing spend into one place.”

Andreas Christensson, CEO of Waldor & Co.
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“It makes a big difference to work with a financial partner that has your business' best interests in mind and builds a solution that's truly tailored towards ecommerce.”

Jakob Eriksson, co-founder of Boxbollen
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“Juni's credit line has allowed us to increase sales and have exceptional growth on Amazon. We regularly rank in the Top 20 sellers on Amazon in the UK.”

Oscar Price, Company Accountant at F&F Stores LTD.
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“Juni automatically matches the right Google Ads invoices to the right payments. This saves our financial department time. All the features that the Juni platform offers are really helpful to streamline our business.”

Sven Braam, Founding Partner at Sneleentaxi
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“Juni has been an incredibly valuable tool for our business when it comes to managing our financial administration, rather than relying on spreadsheets, Juni's platform offers a much more streamlined and efficient way to track our transactions and manage invoices.”

Jamil Bechara, Head of Accounting at
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“The most obvious reason that we choose Juni is because of the cashback from the ad spend, all payments from different ad platforms being funnelled into one single location, along with the improved liquidity that comes with the invoicing.”

Anton Höjding, Chief Marketing Officer at NUDIENT.
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“We enjoy the easy integration of payment across advertising platforms and managing all ad spend from one place with automated receipt management for advertising platforms.”

Michael Wicke, Head of Performance Marketing at waterdrop.
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