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How NUDIENT is driving growth with centralised ad spend

NUDIENT was founded in 2016 with the mission to accessorise people around the world, encouraging them to be confident in their own lives and make their own mark in life. Their biggest driver is their iPhone products, with most of their sales coming through ecommerce, but they’re also present in 1500+ physical stores through wholesale. They intend to become the leading brand in fashion tech, standing out in an industry where few brands are meaningful.

How Juni helped NUDIENT boost their ROAS

Before Juni
  • Inefficient financial admin
  • High FX fees due to global expansion
  • No rewards on monthly ad spend
After Juni
  • A centralised overview of all business spend
  • Multiple cards and multi-currency accounts
  • Cashback benefits directly boost liquidity
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Before Juni

Time-consuming admin from scattered spend

As a global company on an impressive growth trajectory, NUDIENT uses a comprehensive media mix of channels for their paid marketing efforts. They used invoicing for most of their ad networks, which resulted in payments scattered across different platforms and increased time spent on unnecessary financial admin. 

Along with manually processing invoices from multiple suppliers each month, they didn’t have the analytics and insights they needed from an expenses solution to take their media buying to the next level. Plus, they weren’t benefitting from additional ways to boost liquidity, like low FX fees or cashback on their spend. 

“The most obvious reason that we choose Juni is because of the cashback from the ad spend, all payments from different ad platforms being funnelled into one single location, along with the improved liquidity that comes with the invoicing,” says Anton Höjding, Chief Marketing Officer at NUDIENT.

With Juni

Scaled spend and purchasing perks

Juni’s virtual cards and multi-currency accounts have given NUDIENT the right tools to run their ads and grow their online presence effectively. Plus, improved ROAS with cashback and low FX fees have enabled them to increase their digital investments by reinvesting in channels or markets that have shown the highest incremental returns.

“Juni has enabled us to be highly agile in setting up new ad channels fast by providing different cards for each channel,” says Höjding. “Furthermore, they have given us cashback on all ad spend, allowing us to reinvest more money into growth, higher profitability or other projects.”

Media buying isn’t the only area that has benefited from increased speed. Now NUDIENT can move fast with efficient financial admin by having their spend insights, invoices and expenses in one place.

“Using Juni is time-saving for us. Instead of having to process invoices from multiple suppliers every month, we only need to transfer money to our Juni account a few times each month,” says Höjding. “Additionally, all of our marketing expenses can be conveniently collected in one platform and then exported and added to our ERP once a month. This makes our bookkeeping process less complicated, as it requires fewer transactions than traditional invoices do.”

The future

Doubling their growth

NUDIENT are looking to the future, with an exciting 2023 goal to increase revenue by 50%, which will bring their sales to around 140M SEK. Juni will be their companion to help maximise their media buying and scale their paid ad channels as they grow.

“We appreciate Juni for its straightforward service. From the get-go, we can take advantage of their product, like cashback, increased liquidity, and a full financial overview,” says Höjding. “As a result, Juni provides an effective solution for us looking to achieve the most from our ad spend.”

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