Scale your business safely and securely

Security is the foundation on which our business is built on. That’s why we take security protocols extremely seriously, so that we can keep your business - and your money - safe at all times.

Scale securely

Juni is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant

The PCI DSS is an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes. The standard’s requirements ensure that we keep a high level of security.

Cloud-hosted infrastructure

Our infrastructure runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), an industry leader in cloud services and data security. As one of the most (if not the most) audited systems of all time, their security practices are exceptional - and we would have nothing less for our customers.

Knowing Your Business

Juni is required to know its customers and robustly verify the details they give to us at onboarding, and regularly thereafter. This is just one way in which we help to protect our customers and other parties. This limits any potential for bad actors to use our platform to exploit others and do harm.

Fraud Protection

Juni is committed to preventing fraud across our entire financial ecosystem. Our FinCrime team operates advanced systems that monitor every transaction that’s being processed, 24 hours a day. All our payment traffic is screened, logged and analysed to not only detect but understand suspicious activity. Fraudsters are quick and we have to be quicker. If our service is abused, we will terminate and block the user's account immediately.

Data privacy & GDPR

Juni takes its customers' privacy very seriously and is committed to acting in compliance with GDPR and UK GDPR in all aspects of its business.

For information on how we process the personal data of our customers please see our Privacy Policy for processing in relation to the use of our platform, and the Fair Processing Notice for processing in relation to our credit offering.

Please read our Vulnerability Disclosure Policy for information on how best to report suspected security flaws to the team.