Juni Privacy Policy

We at Juni care about safeguarding your personal data while also giving you the best possible experience with our services and products. We strive to do this by embracing the principles of data protection throughout our organisation.

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A brief overview of our Data Protection Policy

How and when we collect personal data

This Privacy Policy describes what information Juni collects about you and how Juni uses your personal data when reaching out to you, when you open an account with us, use the Juni platform, our cards, app or website www.juni.co or our credit lines. This Privacy Policy also describes your rights in relation to our use of your personal data, and how to exercise them.

Juni is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and personal data. If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy or practices regarding your personal data, please contact us at privacy@juni.co.

When we use the term personal data, we use it in reference to any information which can be used to personally identify you (for example, a combination of your name and postal address). Personal data does not include information about a business that can not be used to personally identify a natural person.

If you give us personal data concerning other people (like Directors, owners, or employees), you confirm that you’ve been authorised by them to disclose this information, and that they understand how we will use their personal data.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, as it will help you make informed decisions about sharing your personal data with us.

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The types of personal data we use

Juni will collect and use specific types of information about you at different times. We will collect personal data when you interact with us (for example through our website, app or the Juni platform), if you have an account with us, use a service that integrates with Juni, sign-up for and use the Juni payment services, create an application for credit and when you interact with our representatives. In some cases, we will also collect information about you from third parties.

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How we use your personal data

Juni uses your personal data to carry out our operations smoothly and offer you our services, to ensure we meet all our contractual obligations, to keep both our customers and Juni safe and secure, and to comply with all applicable regulations.

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How we share your personal data and keep it safe

All personal data is stored on our secure servers (or those of 3rd parties or contractors we employ) in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation within the EEA. In limited situations, personal data may be temporarily stored outside the EEA. Please see section 12 (Is my personal data transferred internationally?) below. Your rights regarding your personal data (as outlined in section 7, “Your rights”) are not affected by the data being transferred outside of the EEA. The 3rd parties who we share personal data with are outlined in section 13 (Who do you share my personal data with?). For further information about where we store your personal data you can contact us at privacy@juni.co.

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How to exercise your rights in regards to your personal data

Under data protection legislation in the UK, EEA, and this Privacy Policy, you may have certain rights, including but not limited to the right to access or manage your personal data, to delete or update it, and to restrict its use.

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