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We believe financial solutions for ecommerce entrepreneurs should be more than just accounts and cards. We’re building the financial platform that solves the boring admin tasks for you - so you can go beyond the grind, and focus on scaling your business.

Juni Receipt Matching

The days of manually hunting down and uploading receipts are over. With Juni Receipt Matching, you can pull and match your Facebook Ads, Shopify and TikTok receipts from Gmail - without lifting a finger.

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Integrate with Shopify

Save time with Juni’s biggest integration yet. Get a centralised financial overview of all your Shopify stores with real-time data and new insights – all in one smart dashboard.

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Google Ads integration

Automate receipt generation. Track your spend with our spend insight function, and auto-pull monthly invoices from your Google Ads account. No need to chase and download receipts anymore.

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Facebook Ads integration

Effortlessly manage your Facebook ad spend. Get real-time data and spend insights - all in one place. The days of manually pulling data from your ad accounts are over.

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Paypal, Stripe & more

Integrate your favourite payment gateways with your Juni account. Receive money from your PayPal & Stripe accounts, and track all your transactions effortlessly.

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Xero Integration

Automate the syncing of transactions from Juni directly into your Xero account. No more manual statement exports and uploads.

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Accounting Exports

Seamless export into Netsuite, Datev, Fortnox, and beyond.

Our customers’ reviews

"With the Juni platform we now have a holistic overview of each brand and its corresponding expenses. I can’t begin to explain the difference it’s made."
Scott Henshaw, COO
“Juni makes it easy not only to process transactions but also to manage spending by staff across the company through virtual and physical cards”
Dominic Portman, Founder and MD
"The flexibility to use credit on whatever we need, and the support from the Juni team to make it happen, has been superb. For what we need, Juni has been five-star,“
Sean Cotter, Co-Founder
“For us, it’s all about closing the gap between spend going out and revenue coming in. That’s exactly what Juni has helped us to do.”
Matthew King, Co-Founder
“The financial oversight which the Juni dashboard gives us has been a game changer”
Albert Vllasa, Co-Founder
“We’re already seeing how Juni brings efficiency and automation to our finances and frees up our resources.”
Benjamin Lau, Co-Founder
“The 1% cashback benefit has been a great ROAS booster for us. It’s what convinced us to join Juni initially, and it continues to deliver value for our business.”
Emiliano Amicuzi, CEO
“Juni has massively helped us gain a new level of control over our business.”
Max Bekink, Co-Founder
“Our monthly spend through Juni is easily in the six figures. Getting 1% cashback is huge for us and we return that benefit right to the company.”
Can, Founder

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