Case study

How streamlined their financial admin is a loan intermediary founded in 2015, and located in Stockholm. They act as a helping hand to over 400k happy customers who want to find the best loan deal on the market for private loans. By comparing several different lenders with just one credit report, they help customers find the option that suits them best in the most efficient way.

How Juni helped streamline their financial operations

Before Juni
  • Difficult expense management
  • Lack of spend insights
  • Time-consuming financial administration
After Juni
  • Scaling media buying using Juni cards and flexible interest-free credit lines
  • Simplifying admin with a centralised overview of all business spend
  • Integrations with Google Ads, payment gateways and other platforms
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Before Juni

Inefficient use of time on financial admin

As a large company with multiple departments and a sizeable workforce, managing financial administration was becoming time-consuming and challenging. Their previous solutions didn’t give them the insights or simple processes they needed to operate at scale. To improve efficiency and enable teams, needed a tool to improve their team’s productivity and decrease time spent on financial admin.

“We were looking for a solution that could help us streamline these processes and gain a better overview of our transactions,” says Jamil Bechara, Head of Accounting at 

With Juni

Securing a competitive edge

Now, run both their Google, Meta, TikTok and Snapchat ads on their Juni cards, with a credit line to help boost their ad spend. have simplified their financial admin. Previously time-consuming tasks like managing ad receipts have been streamlined by using receipt matching with our Gmail integration. Plus, they’ve integrated their bank to centralise their information. Collaboration has become easier with all their transactions in one place. 

“Juni has been an incredibly valuable tool for our business when it comes to managing our financial administration,” says Jamil. “Rather than relying on spreadsheets, Juni's platform offers a much more streamlined and efficient way to track our transactions and manage invoices.”

Instead of a learning curve implementing a new software, Juni has been really easy to use. Customised permissions, simple creation of virtual cards, and easy-to-understand dashboards have benefited their team.

“With easy access for all team members and intuitive features for reporting transactions, Juni has helped us save time and stay on top of our financial records with ease,” says Jamil.

Optimising their finances was another piece of the puzzle. Securing a credit line, low FX fees and cashback perks were no-brainers for a media-buying business like Juni has provided both and enabled them to reach their target audience while managing their CAC.

“Our business operates in a highly competitive market in Sweden where reaching our target audience can be quite costly,” says Güney Özberk, Growth Marketer at “By using credit and cashback services like Juni, we have been able to effectively reduce our customer acquisition costs, enabling us to stay competitive.”

The future

Leading the market

Looking to the future, are committed to continuously optimising their existing products to ensure that both new and existing customers can benefit from their services. Their ultimate goal is to become the leading loan broker in the Swedish market, offering unmatched value and service to their clients.

With Juni by their side, have the tools they need to scale their business without wasting time on financial admin.

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