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Work smarter with clever automations

Let’s face it – manually keeping track of everything that happens in your account can be a pain. From low funds to an approaching card limit, missing key notifications can cause unnecessary headaches. With our automations workflow builder, you can now create custom notifications  – and make sure you never miss a beat again.

Set up easy-to-use workflows

Get important updates about transactions, account balances, and spend limits – all from one smart dashboard. No more manual data tracking or guesswork after the fact.

Create custom notifications

Generate custom notifications for the information you need. We won’t flood you with updates or send you unnecessary alerts.

Get notified when it counts

Missed notifications can mean declined transactions. Stay in complete control with warnings for low wallet balances and approaching card limits to make sure you’re always covered.

Here's what our customers say

“We’re already seeing how Juni brings efficiency and automation to our finances and frees up our resources.”
Benjamin Lau, Co-Founder
“Juni has massively helped us gain a new level of control over our business”
Max Bekink, Co-Founder
“Juni is a potential game changer in our financial oversight.”
Albert Vllasa, Co-Founder
“With Juni’s Google Ads integration we can generate receipts directly and track all our spending and invoices right there. That time saved is time we spend growing our business.”
Can, Founder
“Juni is truly unique in its offer. The pressure of managing our finances dramatically decreased”
Jason Fields, Managing Director
“Their entire platform is built to help ecommerce businesses like ours - it’s like they’re reading my mind.”
Emiliano Amicuzi, CEO
“Time is money. Managing all our ecommerce financials in a single platform saves us both.”
Can, Founder

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