Podcast with Samir El-Sabini, Juni's founder

March 25, 2021

Hi everyone,

First of all I just want to express how happy I am about the development of the Juni platform.
The team have worked tirelessly to fix bugs, make sure the platform runs smooth and add new functionality.

As our first customers have now been onboarded we’ve been receiving invaluable feedback that further helps us improve the platform - I want to thank each of our early customers who have helped us identify and fix bugs these past two weeks.

It’s been one of the most exciting but also intense periods so far for the team - making sure we address each and every bug found as fast as possible while still implementing new features and functions.

I am very proud of the entire team here at Juni and we’re now looking ahead to start enabling onboarding for all companies, adding our own VISA bin and much more just around the corner.

If you want to have a full run down of where we are right now and what our plans look like moving forward I had a great conversion at the ‘2x ecommerce’ podcast - you can find the full episode here: https://2xecommerce.com/podcast/ep285/

With so many updates coming up ahead I’ll surely write the next update very soon - until then,

Best regards,
Samir El-Sabini
CEO Juni

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