Juni beyond beta: USD + Google Ads integration

April 18, 2022

In the past year, we've been busy testing features and redesigning the Juni platform, while celebrating accomplishments with our early adopters. 

Now, a brand new Juni awaits you with a new currency, a new integration, and a new skin. 

What’s new?

Juni USD accounts and cards

You can now create USD accounts* and all the virtual Mastercard cards you need to go global and skip heavy FX fees. Top-ups are available in 24 currencies, with FX fees capped at 0.25%, and auto-conversion to the right currency. As usual with Juni, your virtual cards ensure you earn 1% cashback on all your spend — 2% throughout April for our current customers and for your first 30 days as a new customer. People asked, we listened.

New Juni EUR accounts and cards

The EUR accounts* provided by our new partner are live. You can pay with virtual Mastercard cards and earn cashback on all your card spend, the same way you do with USD virtual cards. Top-ups in 24 currencies, alongside auto-conversion and no more than 0.25% FX fees, are also available for these accounts. 

*Currently, you can top up USD and EUR accounts from your business bank accounts or payment gateways, and pay with your virtual cards. Top-ups via unrelated third parties, and sending money out of USD and EUR accounts, are coming soon.

Juni + Google Ads

With our Google Ads integration, you can automate receipt generation for bookkeeping. No need to download a receipt from the Google Ads interface ever again. You can keep track at all times with our spend insight and monthly invoices pulled from your account. Less time on admin, more time on scaling!

Samir El-Sabini, Co-founder and CEO of Juni, says, “We know the challenges that ecommerce entrepreneurs face because we’ve experienced the same headaches ourselves. That’s why we founded Juni. We’ve taken those problems and turned them into product features, and we’re passionate about creating a new approach to finance. We want to give our customers the right integrations, features, and insights so they can make better business decisions and scale. This launch is an incredibly proud moment for us and we’re excited to continue our growth alongside our amazing customers.” 

Ready to start using the brand new Juni?

Start with Juni by clicking here or log in to access USD accounts,cards, and integrate with Google Ads now.

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