Juni announces seed round and first steps towards changing the future of financial services for ecommerce entrepreneurs

November 13, 2020


Today is a very exciting day for all of us at Juni - and I’ll explain why in just a bit. 

We could not be more thrilled to show the world what Juni has to offer - we want to help anyone working in ecommerce and performance marketing become a more efficient entrepreneur by allowing you to focus on what truly matters for your business. 

When Anders Orsedal and I first came up with the idea for Juni, we did so with years of experience in this industry.

I myself had been working on the financial and legal side of ecommerce companies as the ‘financial companion’ taking care of all invoicing and administrative work.

Anders’ wife has also been running an ecommerce store for years and she, too, has learned to know all too well the pains of administrative work, scalability, and oversight.

And, you guessed it — it’s a headache-inducing, paper-driven, time-consuming, and just plain messy experience. At Juni, though, we envision a simpler, more streamlined future with financial services made for ecommerce. 

‘I used to be the boring guy, taking care of all the administrative work for an ecommerce company - so I know all too well how much time and energy can be wasted doing things that could be automated. With Juni I want to change the game - allowing online entrepreneurs to focus on what they're good at by automating all the boring stuff, leaving you with a financial platform that does all the stuff I used to do and much more in one simple interface.'

Gaining complete oversight of all your funds (yes, even, unpaid revenue) in one interface that also automates your accounting by collecting all relevant invoices is just the first step of our vision. We’re building a financial platform that will help your business succeed every step of the way.

But we can’t do it alone. We’re currently hunting for the most talented developers in the world to join us and realise our vision — if you’re one of them simply apply for a job here

As Juni takes shape, we realise that it’s important that we have the best partners possible from Day One. It is key that our partners are able to help us realise our monumental vision -

This is why I’m so excited today to announce that Juni will be partnering with CHERRY VENTURES

The €2m seed round was filled almost in its entirety by Cherry, an early stage venture fund that champions founders in Europe. A perfect match for Juni!

As a partner, Cherry will bring years of expertise in evolving ecommerce and fintech startups like Zalando and spotify - the whole team at Juni are so excited to share in their experience building out large transformative businesses!

Their hands-on approach will surely benefit the speed of which we can realise our vision - and I simply want to officially welcome Cherry onboard on our journey! 

In addition to Cherry, we have finished up our investment round with a few noteworthy angels that we believe are all able to benefit Juni’s evolution. These include

Jarno Vanahatapio, founder of NA-KD.com, and Johan Bendz, founding team and responsible for communications at iZettle. Both of these incredible entrepreneurs have decided to embark on the Juni journey with us. 

They both have a small stake in Juni, and moving forward their experience will surely benefit Juni’s mission to become the number one financial platform for digital entrepreneurs!

The development of our platform is moving forward at warp-speeds and soon you’ll be able to try it out yourself"

Best regards

Samir El-Sabini

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