Optimise your workflow with User Roles & Permissions

January 12, 2022

With our new Roles & Permissions, you’ll be able to grant your team custom access to Juni while retaining control and peace of mind. 

Four roles are available: Owner, Admin, Buyer - Cards Only, and Accountant. 


— Full access and permissions, including deleting other team members. 

— The Owner can add new team members, assign them permissions, view all accounts and cards of all team members, make payments and transfers, and add, edit, and remove integrations.

— The Owner role is assigned to the user who has first set up the Juni account by default. There can be only one Owner.


— Full access and permissions as Owner, except Admin cannot delete the Owner user.

— Generally reserved for senior team members, such as company owners or leaders.

Buyer - Cards Only

— Access to one or more assigned cards which they can spend on. 

— The Buyer - Cards Only will solely have access to view transactions made with the card(s) they have been assigned. They will not have access to a detailed view into accounts or other cards, nor can they create cards or accounts, transfer funds, or manage the organisation or integrations.

— Ideal for employees in charge of media buying or stock buying.


— The Accountant can view all transactions and accounts but cannot use or create cards and accounts, view card details, make any payments or transfers, or manage the organisation and integrations. However, they can export transactions and accounts data and upload invoices and receipts to transactions. 

— Ideal for both internal and external roles. 

Ready for some teamwork? 

Click here to add a new team member.

You can also go to your Juni dashboard, click on “Settings”, then “My Team”, and start assigning roles and permissions from there.

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