Juni: The first 60 days

June 2, 2021

Hi everyone!

We hit an important milestone this week - the first cash back has officially been paid out to all our customers.

1% of their card spend paid back directly to their account - with some customers receiving over €2K paid back simply for using the Juni card.

I think it’s fair to say that we’ve managed to reach a lot of our goals in the first 60 days - while of course we hear your feedback and we’re about to showcase a lot of releases moving forward.

Juni is a new platform and we knew from the start that the road is not a straight line, and I want to personally say thank you to each and every one of our beta customers who have provided invaluable feedback that has pushed the platform forward much faster than I could ever have hoped for.

We still have a lot of features to look forward to - in two weeks time we will host ‘Juni day’ where we will unveil several new features and talk about what’s coming next on the platform.

As we are moving forward we want as much feedback as possible.

If you want to see any specific functionalities or simply want to provide feedback on existing features you can join our Facebook community - I can’t stress enough how much we appreciate all of your feedback as it truly helps us in building the perfect platform for your companies needs.

On the 17th of June we will host Juni Day - more information on this soon but I can promise that we will have some nice surprises in store for you. More on this soon!

Until then,

Best regards,
Samir El-Sabini
CEO Juni

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