Receipt matching in Gmail just got 100x easier

October 27, 2022

Hunting down all your Facebook Ads, Shopify and TikTok receipts ‘one-by-one’ in Gmail can be a time-consuming nightmare. 

Thanks to our newly-launched Juni Receipt Matching feature, those days are over. You can now integrate your Gmail inbox and watch as receipts are auto-pulled and matched with Juni transactions - without lifting a finger.

Save precious time

Forget endless ‘one-by-one’ searches for all your Facebook Ads, Shopify or TikTok receipts in Gmail – magically auto-pull and match your receipts and transactions right from your inbox.


Seamlessly integrate all your Gmail accounts

Easily connect the Gmail account you use for all your Facebook Ads, Shopify and TikTok receipts – whether it’s your main business email or an invoicing mailbox.

Real-time visibility, in one place

Get a real-time overview of all your Facebook Ads, Shopify and TikTok receipts and transactions – all on one smart dashboard.

Integrate with just a few clicks

Here’s how to integrate your Gmail with your Juni account:

  1. Log in to Juni on
  2. Click on “Integrations” in the left menu
  3. Here you’ll see a list of all your current integrations
  4. To add an integration, click on “+ Add integration
  5. In the search bar, simply type “Gmail”
  6. You should now be able to connect by using your Gmail credentials – whether it’s an invoicing email ( or your own business email (
  7. Once connected, your receipts for Facebook Ads, Shopify and TikTok will now be automatically fetched and matched to the corresponding Juni  transactions

Pro tip: integrate your Juni account to Google Ads to get an even broader ad spend overview.

Secure convenience. So you can rest easy.

Juni is committed to ensuring your data is protected throughout all our operations. Our Juni Receipt Matching integration with Gmail has been audited by a certified Google partner and is compliant with Google Ts&Cs. For details on how we process your personal data, including specifically in the context of the Gmail integration, please see our Privacy Policy.

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