Juni Day Recap

June 18, 2021

Hi everyone - first of all I want to thank everyone who joined and made our first Juni Day an amazing experience!

The idea behind Juni day was to bring as much value to our community as possible within one hour - with new features both in our platform and outside the core platform - along with guest speakers that would bring true value to anyone in ecommerce and performance marketing.

The whole event is now available to watch for anyone - you can view it below.

We unveiled 4 new core products in the platform.

• Multiple Users allowing for different logins to your organisations Juni account.
• Notifications directly into your email inbox that will give the most important financial information to you when you need it.
• Multiple accounts - meaning you can now have several EUR or GBP accounts, if you’d want to have one account for salaries - or for specific traffic sources for example.
• Physical cards - was finally shown live, and will go fully live in 2-4 weeks time for everyone.

Outside of our core features - we also had a great guest speaker onboard, Alex Fedotoff. Alex has been working in the ecom space for 7 years - and has become somewhat of a rock-star in the space.

Alex discussed some key principals that are essential when finding success in drop shipping, and I think he truly brought a lot of value to the Juni community.

All of this was managed within one hour - but before we signed off the webinar I had one last surprise geared for our more advanced customers - a new platform within the Juni ecosystem that we call Juni Connect.

Juni Connect is a growth engine for entrepreneurs that want to take their idea and business to the next level.

How it works is really quite simple - Juni Connect is invite only and if you are selected Juni will contact you and open up it’s connections to some of the best and most forward thinking VCs in the world for ecommerce businesses.

While Juni Connect is an exclusive platform for our most experienced customers - the hope is that it will enable growth that never would have otherwise been possible.

By lending a helping hand in compiling the correct data needed for an application and speeding up the process substantially Juni Connect is a unique platform within the Juni ecosystem that is the first of it’s kind.

I am so proud of every feature we have managed to bring to the Juni Platform so far - but I am even more excited about what’s lying ahead of us.

We will now double down our focus to make sure that Juni truly becomes the financial platform for ecommerce and performance marketing companies, and the holistic financial platform truly designed for internet-first companies

In the coming months we will have a lot more exciting news to share with you all,

Until then,

Best regards,

Samir El-Sabini
CEO Juni

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