Work smarter, not harder with automated notifications

September 12, 2022

When growing an ecommerce business, it’s important to optimise your workflow as much as possible. To enable you to do just that, we’ve developed a new automations tool through which you can set up custom automated notifications. 

Save time

Get important updates about transactions, account balances, and spend limits without having to lift a finger.

Stay in control

When transactions over a certain sum hit your account, you can now receive a warning notification right before the time of purchase.

Avoid declined transactions

Automations allow you to set up notifications for both low wallet balance and approaching card limits, both of which are the main reasons for declined transactions. By alerting you preemptively, we can help you avoid declined transactions. 

Ready to work smarter, not harder?

Here’s how to set up automated notifications for your Juni account:

  1. Log in to Juni on
  2. Click on “Automations” in the lower left menu
  3. You will see a list of all your current automations
  4. To add an Automated notification, click on “+ Add automation
  5. Choose the relevant notification from the menu. You have 3 choices of notifications:
  1. Notifications about specific transactions
  2. Notifications about account balance
  3. Notifications about approaching card spend limits
  1. Select the one you wish to set up
  2. In the “If” menu choose the preferred criteria to notify for
  3. In the “then” menu choose the preferred outcome

Once you are happy with your automation, click on “Create automation

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