Real-time integration with Google Ads

Seamlessly integrate with one of the world's biggest ad platforms and streamline your workflow.

Automate receipt generation

Never spend time and energy on chasing down receipts from Google Billings again. Automate the import of all your transaction receipts into your Juni account with the click of a button.

Track your ad spend with our spend insight

With our Google Ads integration you get a centralised overview of your ad accounts in real-time, thanks to the spend insight function - tailor-made for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Get monthly invoices pulled from your account

Make your bookkeeping effortless by having your monthly Google Ads invoices auto-pulled from your account, with the option to export them directly to your email or Xerox.

“With Juni’s Google Ads integration we can generate receipts directly and track all our spending and invoices right there. That time saved is time we spend growing our business.”

Can, Excellent Sneakers

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