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How Sneleentaxi took control of their expenses

Internet-first platform Sneleentaxi was founded in 2015, and has seen impressive growth to become a leading player in the Dutch taxi market. They act as a broker between supply and demand, with availability in the whole of the Netherlands. As a Dutch brand, they have local knowledge which has seen them create a loyal and trusting customer base.

How Juni helped Sneleentaxi streamline their ad spend

Before Juni
  • Held back by card spend limitations 
  • All employees shared a credit card
  • No rewards on monthly ad spend
After Juni
  • High limits on ad spend to facilitate growth
  • Saving time with the Google Ads integration
  • Full control of company spend with virtual cards
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Before Juni

Restricted by inflexible spend solutions

Sneleentaxi raised €2.1M in Q4 2022 to further scale up their platform. They are currently in a rapid growth phase, tripling their revenue year-on-year for the last two years.

With impressive growth comes increasing expenses, which was causing issues for Sneleentaxi. They had a healthy cashflow, but instead faced issues with their previous provider. They were losing time constantly raising credit limits or trying to find alternative solutions to continue spending. 

“Our expenses on our credit cards were with an old fashioned bank, and forced us to raise our credit limits every time,” says Sven Braam, Founding Partner at Sneleentaxi. “As this process was taking so much time, we searched for alternative solutions.”

While looking at other SaaS products, they were running into the same issue: reaching their credit limit, but having no alternative way to pay. Then they found Juni.

“When we also found out about a loyalty kickback we knew we had to switch credit card provider,” says Sven.

With Juni

More financial control, less time spent on admin

Sneleentaxi use Juni for media buying, software and company expenses with high, flexible spend limits. As expenses rise they can rest assured that they have nothing standing in their way.

Not only are they making the most of high card limits, but the admin that comes along scaling spend has been simplified by Juni too. Integrations like Juni Receipt Matching help streamline their financial processes by automating them, making day-to-day tasks faster for their finance team.


“Juni automatically matches the right Google Ads invoices to the right payments. This saves our financial department time,” says Sven. “All the features that the Juni platform offers are really helpful to streamline our business.”

Sneleentaxi have increased financial control with virtual cards. Now it’s easy for them to manage employee expenses securely without any issues.

“It only takes seconds to add a new virtual card, and we can also set limits to reduce risks,” says Sven. “If people leave the company, it's pretty easy to delete cards – so this is an extra safety level to be sure that we can create personal credit cards for our employees with limits.”

As an added bonus, Sneleentaxi benefits from rewards on monthly ad spend like cashback. “After we signed up we are really happy to see that we have a solution that is actually making some money,” says Sven.

The future

Rapid growth with scaling spend

Free from restrictive limits and time consuming expense management, Sneleentaxi can continue on their supercharged trajectory to double their revenue this year to around €25 million. With Juni by their side, they have the tools they need to streamline their financial management so they can focus on growth.

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