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How Pomme is supercharging their reach with SEK credit lines

As an international equestrian brand, Pomme expresses strength, independence, and confidence, with a line of apparel designed for every type of woman – regardless of size, shape or background. With a significant monthly ad spend already between 150K-200K SEK spread over Facebook, Google and TikTok, Pomme aims to scale their media buying even further – and consolidate their credit lines in the process.

How Juni helped Pomme achieve their mission

Before Juni
  • Inflexible payment terms on credit offerings for media buying
  • Single currency cards and accounts for transactions in SEK, EUR and USD
  • Inefficient and time-consuming manual finance admin
  • No rewards on monthly ad spend
After Juni
  • Scaling media buying using Juni cards and flexible interest-free credit lines
  • Multi-currency accounts to pay and get paid in SEK, EUR, GBP and USD
  • Integrations with Facebook Ads and Google Ads
  • Cashback on all eligible card spend
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Before Juni

Inflexible payment terms and currency headaches

Although Pomme is located in a largely rural area of Sweden, in just two years they’ve managed to grow a loyal customer base across Europe and the US. This is largely thanks to the excellent quality of their collection, coupled with their significant media buying across Facebook, Google and TikTok – adding up to between 150K and 200K SEK in monthly ad spend.

“With our remote location and our relatively ‘niche’ offering of equestrian apparel aimed at younger women, we knew right away that online advertising would be the primary driver for rapid growth”, explains Pomme co-founder Ina Forssén.

With the requirement for such a large monthly spend though, Pomme founders quickly ran into a common problem experienced by many ecommerce entrepreneurs – issues with cash flow. “Multiple credit lines became our main way of sustaining our monthly ad spend, though we usually found inflexible payment terms still left us short at times – sometimes when we needed it most”, says Forssén. Further adding to cash flow troubles, as Pomme were paying, and being paid, in multiple currencies (SEK, EUR and USD), their margins were also taking a considerable hit due to their bank’s FX fees.

With monthly ad spend and FX fees only increasing as they continued to grow, Pomme made the decision to partner with Juni for a more efficient, tailored approach to their credit and media buying needs.

With Juni

Consolidated credit lines, ROAS boost with cashback and capped FX fees

Once successfully onboarded, Pomme secured a six-figure SEK credit line with flexible payment terms which allowed them to better manage their campaigns. “With Juni, we’ve been able to simplify our credit management by consolidating all our credit lines into one. Better still, the improved cash flow means more freedom in aligning our media buying with our business goals to scale”, explains Forssén. “Having Facebook Ads and Google Ads integrated into one easy-to-use dashboard is obviously great too”, she adds.

As an added bonus, Pomme have also been able to avail of instant virtual cards with 1% cashback on their monthly ad spend – significantly boosting their ROAS – as well as having all their FX fees capped at 0.25%. “Thanks to Juni’s solutions, poor cash flow, high FX fees and tight payment terms are a thing of the past – the sky’s the limit to our growth now.”

The future

Onwards and upwards

After already achieving phenomenal progress since their launch in 2020, Pomme is now looking to supercharge its media buying even further with Juni’s tailored ecommerce solutions and credit lines.

With less cash flow roadblocks and a boost to their bottom line – thanks to 1% cashback and capped FX fees – Pomme are right on track for continued growth.

“Our brand is all about unleashing riders while performing their passion”, says Forssén. “In a way, Juni has enabled us to unleash our own passion by solving some of our biggest credit and ecommerce headaches.”

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