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How Ninepine boosts ROAS on its €2.5M ad spend

Ninepine is a direct-to-consumer active lifestyle fashion brand founded in Stockholm in 2019. Created by two former semi-professional athletes, the label specialises in functional, technical activewear with a clean, contemporary look. The business is growing at a rate of 194% year-on-year and was looking for ways to enhance its media buying processes to drive bigger revenues.

How Juni helped Ninepine achieve their mission

Before Juni
  • Inefficient and time-consuming manual finance admin
  • Single currency account for transactions in SEK, EUR, GBP, USD and other currencies
  • No reward for an ad spend of up to €2.5M
After Juni
  • Virtual Juni Mastercard Corporate cards for media buying in USD, GBP and EUR
  • Integrations with Google Ads, payment gateways and other platforms
  • 1% cashback on its €2.5M ad spend
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Before Juni

Growth curbed by financial admin and legacy banking.

A key part of Ninepine’s success to date has been using tech and automation to scale its business without creating an inefficient, complex organisation. Fintech was one of the areas in which Ninepine knew it wasn’t doing this.

It was being held back by many of the restrictions that are often imposed by traditional banks that don’t get ecommerce.

Things like single-currency accounts, inflexible lending, spending limits that are plucked from thin air, and a total lack of understanding of Ninepine’s ecommerce platforms and payment gateways. Something had to change.

“We were growing and everything was moving in the right direction,” says co-founder Benjamin Lau. “But we’re ambitious, we have really big plans for the label, and we knew that our financial infrastructure was holding us back.”

Media buying was one of the areas in which Ninepine wanted to improve. They spend up to €200K per month on Meta, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and Google Ads. And that figure is only going to increase going forward. With admin and bookkeeping related to ad spend already a drain on time, Ninepine wanted a more efficient approach and realised Juni would help them achieve it.

With Juni

Seamless integrations equip this fashion brand to go up a size.

After onboarding with Juni, Ninepine now has a financial platform that gives an instant overview of cash flow and other financial information across all its accounts. Time-saving integrations with platforms it uses regularly, including payment gateway Stripe, money transfer platform Wise, and its legacy bank, give greater clarity and increase efficiency.

With access to as many Virtual Juni Mastercard Corporate cards as it needs, Ninepine can allocate specific cards to each of its ad networks. This slashes the amount of time it takes to allocate invoices to transactions. Juni’s automatic receipt generation for Google Ads makes the process even smoother. Monthly invoices are pulled straight into Juni, so Ninepine never needs to download a receipt from its Google Ads account again.

And as a nice bonus, Ninepine now gets 1% cashback paid into its Juni account each month as cashback from its eligible ad spend. That’s a healthy boost to ROAS or a big chunk of someone’s salary as Ninepine continues its scale-up journey.

Lau explained: “Paid media has been key to our growth, but the admin eats into your margins when you add up all the time that’s spent on it. Apart from anything else, it’s time that we can put to better use. We’re already seeing how Juni brings efficiency and automation to our finances and frees up our resources.”

The future

Agility to scale quickly.

Ninepine is already on course to more than double its revenue this year. With more efficient media buying and financial admin, 1% cashback on all eligible card spend, and integrations with key platforms, its fintech infrastructure is now as functional, technical and modern as its activewear.

Access to Juni’s network of digital marketing, ecommerce and fintech contacts, and community events, will give Ninepine extra support to continue to scale at speed while retaining its agile structure.

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