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How F&F Stores LTD skyrockets sales by maximising ad spend

F&F Stores LTD is a company using Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) that started in 2015. They sell a variety of children's and adult’s clothing, specialising in licensed nightwear and loungewear. They also sell back-to-school products, stationary and art sets, children's toys and more, with plans to further expand their product offering. F&F Stores LTD has had impressive growth, regularly ranking in the Top 20 sellers on Amazon UK and have exciting future plans to continue on their trajectory.

How Juni helped F&F Stores LTD scale their ad spend

Before Juni
  • Inflexible payment terms
  • Capital tied up in media buying
  • No rewards on monthly ad spend
After Juni
  • Large credit lines to scale ad buying
  • Centralised overview of their spend
  • Cashback on all eligible card spend
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Before Juni

Inflexible terms with no incentive

F&F Stores LTD advertise with Amazon but didn’t benefit from extended terms on their spend. When F&F Stores LTD discovered Juni, they saw the opportunity to maximise their ad spend by switching their spend.

“At the time, our advertising spend was around £4.5 million per year, and the initial incentive was the potential cashback on that spend,” says Oscar Price, Company Accountant at F&F Stores LTD.

However, after using Juni, it became clear that the platform could offer more value than just cashback to the business. 

“Over time, we have worked with Juni and established a very good line of credit to allow us to capitalise on our advertising spend and the sales benefits we have received on the back of this.”

With Juni

Facilitating growth by supporting scaling spend

F&F Stores LTD mainly use Juni for their Amazon advertising, where they spend around £6.5 million per year. Juni’s credit line has helped facilitate growth by allowing them to scale their spend, making a sizeable impact on their sales.

“We started using Juni in March 2022, where we had annual sales of around £65 million. Since then, we are now turning over £100 million. This is partly due to the increase in advertising spend that has been supported by Juni along with our ability to develop products with popular licences,” says Oscar. 

“Juni’s credit line has allowed us to increase this and has allowed us to have exceptional growth on Amazon, and we regularly rank in the Top 20 sellers on Amazon in the UK.”

Juni has helped F&F Stores LTD improve their cash flow management. With virtual cards to enable quick and easy payment, a sizeable credit line giving extended payment terms, and increased control and visibility of their spend, F&F Stores LTD have the tools they need to scale their business. 

“Cash flow management is very important to us as we are a very seasonal business. The credit line we have with Juni allows us to manage this and keep track of our advertising spend,” says Oscar.

“We are able to improve our cash flow management by being able to see our advertising spend for the month and then giving us time to pay this off. This allows us to invest and create additional product lines.”

Juni brings other perks to make managing ad spend seamless. Integrations save time on financial admin like accounting, multicurrency accounts allow ad spend in local currencies, and cashback is a nice bonus, especially on F&F Stores LTD’s high spend.

The future

Reaching new markets

F&F Stores LTD are looking to the future with plans for expansion and anticipating continued growth of around 10-15%.

“The future for F&F Stores LTD is very exciting, as we haven't even started selling in Amazon USA yet, which could propel the company to a significant increase in sales,” says Oscar.

While they embark on this journey, Juni will be there to support their scaling ad spend.

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