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How Excellent Sneakers went beyond admin-overload with Juni

Excellent Sneakers was born out of necessity. The biggest challenge for sneaker fans is acquiring the newest and most exclusive kicks out there. The team spent a lot of time building up their network and making the connections needed to get the supply. Today they share the network and supply with sneakerheads around the globe.

How Juni helped Excellent Sneakers achieve their mission

Before Juni
  • Low-impact card benefits which did nothing for their business
  • Large monthly inventory spend
  • Complex and overwhelming Google Ads set up
After Juni
  • Cashback benefits which directly boost their margins
  • Simplifying admin with seamless platform integrations
  • Saving time and money with the all-in-one platform
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Before Juni

Useless card benefits and precious time lost to admin-overload

Excellent Sneakers' biggest monthly expenditure is on discovering and purchasing their exclusive inventory. “Premium sneakers are in such high demand that they often come with a premium price tag”, explains co-founder Can. Not having any credit card benefits which would reward them for their high monthly expenses was a missed opportunity. Can says that, “most credit card companies we’ve had in the past would offer things like flight miles or reward points - but that doesn’t really help our business.”

The high-end sneaker landscape is an extremely competitive one, which is why Excellent Sneakers needs to continuously optimise their website’s performance and customer experience. “We’re always looking for ways to improve our performance, which often means testing and implementing new plugins and subscriptions”, explains Can. “But that can easily become messy”, he continues. Having to manage the log-in details, invoices, and account settings of numerous platforms can seriously slow down your workflow and clog up admin - two issues which didn’t stop there, however.

Running a high performing ecommerce business comes with big ad spend and a lot of financial admin. In the case of Excellent Sneakers, the company has an enormous spend in its digital marketing channels, with Google Ads being their main advertising platform. “We are heavily reliant on Google Ads, because it does really well for us. But the admin takes up so much time that we’d rather spend on other, more high impact things like scaling our business”, says Can. Manually locating, exporting, and importing ad receipts into accounting software can easily become a time consuming bottleneck for companies like Excellent Sneakers, who rely so heavily on performance ads.

With Juni

Saving time and money with cashback and seamless integrations

Excellent Sneakers needed a financial platform which could help optimise their ecommerce operations, both in terms of administration and card benefits. The latter, they achieved thanks to Juni’s cashback benefit. “Now that we run all our inventory and ad expenses through Juni we get an automatic 1% boost to our margin. And with over 100k in monthly card spend, this quickly adds up”, says Can.

Their admin overload was tackled with Juni’s seamless integrations. Excellent Sneakers was able to immediately take advantage of over 2,400 financial products and manage their own inventory and marketing spend in one tool. Can says that "with Juni’s Google Ads integration we can generate receipts directly and track all our spending and invoices right there. That time saved is time we spend growing our business." By managing everything through Juni saves many hours of work and simplifies the paper trail, making things super easy.

The future

Moving ahead of the pack

"The exclusive sneaker business is faster paced than anyone could imagine and that's why time is money. Managing all our ecommerce financials in a single platform saves us both.", says Can.

After being on the Juni platform for a high-speed year, Excellent Sneakers is running high-impact ads, growing their business and seeing their hard work pay off. There are many websites selling sneakers out there, but none like Excellent Sneakers. Juni is proud to be a part of Excellent Sneakers' success story, helping them move ahead of the pack.

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