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How Boxbollen scaled marketing for global expansion

Boxbollen is a Swedish playtech startup founded in 2018, who develop hardware and software that gamifies physical activity.

Unscripted growth

How Boxbollen scaled marketing for global expansion

Boxbollen is a Swedish playtech startup founded in 2018, who develop hardware and software that gamifies physical activity.

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How Juni is helping Boxbollen achieve their global ambitions

Before Juni
  • Multiple banks and single currency cards 
  • Ad spend reporting in spreadsheets
  • Peak season liquidity problems
After Juni
  • Virtual cards with multiple currencies
  • Centralised overview of all business spend
  • Credit to help grow at scale
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Before Juni

Seasonal challenges to global growth

Boxbollen, the Swedish playtech startup, was founded by brothers Jacob and Victor Eriksson. 

Since Boxbollen was born in 2018, they’ve gone from strength to strength. With over 500,000 app downloads, holding the number one spot in the Swedish App Store for three years in a row on Christmas Eve, and revenue of 12 million USD in 2022, it’s safe to say that they’re well on their way to achieving their mission: becoming the leading global playtech brand in US and Europe.

But, running a seasonal ecommerce business brings its challenges when it comes to scaling spend.

“Running a predominantly seasonal ecommerce business imposes a tangible strain on our liquidity, balancing consistent year-round operations and escalating to meet significant Q4 demand,” says Jacob Eriksson, Co-Founder at Boxbollen.

Needing to bridge the gap between peak season spikes in sales, Jacob and Victor searched for a solution to help them grow the business throughout the year without risking their liquidity. 

“We needed a solution that understands ecommerce seasonality and what it takes to scale a global ecommerce brand across two continents,” says Jacob. Then they found Juni.

With Juni

Increased control and centralised spend – whatever the season

Juni’s centralised approach to managing their finances has helped Boxbollen have full visibility of their spend.

“Being able to manage your payments, ad spend, and invoicing and credit within the same environment saves us a huge amount of time where previously we had to manage this on several different platforms,” says Jacob.

Managing ad spend across multiple counties and campaigns means Boxbollen needed a card that helped them spend, not hold them back. Virtual, multi-currency cards make it easy to create as many cards as they need in seconds, so Boxbollen can get back to executing their marketing strategy.

“Being able to quickly create virtual cards in multiple currencies with controls and notifications helps keep us ahead of our spend,” says Jacob.

Seasonal businesses work in cycles, and Boxbollen needed to continue their growth trajectory throughout the year. A credit solution designed for ecommerce businesses gave Boxbollen the funds they need to continue acquiring customers in quieter periods and ramp up their spend in the lead up to peak season.

“Juni’s credit products enable us with the ability to grow at scale, whilst having visibility and control over the cost of scaling,” says Jacob.

Above all, having a partner that understands what it takes to run a successful ecommerce business means that Boxbollen has support that’s tailored to their specific needs.

“It makes a huge difference when the founders of the financial partner you choose for growth actually understand ecommerce, along with the attention to detail from customer support, which you don’t get from traditional banks,” says Jacob.

The future

Growing with a trusted partner

With the goal of doubling their revenue in 2023, Boxbollen have all the tools and support they need to ramp up for peak season – and beyond. 

“It makes a big difference to work with a financial partner that has your business' best interests in mind and builds a solution that's truly tailored towards ecommerce,” says Jacob.

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