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How Boulevard partnered with Juni to drive 160% growth

Boulevard is an ecommerce marketplace specialist that manages more than 300,000 products for its customers. A top 500 seller in multiple countries across Amazon, eBay, and other marketplace websites, it works with brands, manufacturers, and distributors to grow sales via those platforms. Founded in 2016 in expectation of a shift in online shopping trends towards a handful of marketplaces, it partners with companies ready to boost their presence on marketplace sites.

How Juni helped Boulevard achieve their mission

Before Juni
  • No cashback
  • Complicated transaction processing
  • Difficult expense management
After Juni
  • Cashback on purchases
  • Multi-currency purchasing
  • Multiple cards for expense management
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Before Juni

Building partnerships

With seven-figure sales under its belt, business was booming for Boulevard. The company was projected to achieve 2.5x growth but was looking for the right financial partner to help manage the company’s growth. In particular, it wanted a partner that understood ecommerce, marketplaces, and seasonal ecommerce trends to help it to scale.

“Even though most of us use online marketplaces every week, our business model is quite alien to many of our partners,” says founder and managing director Dominic Portman. “To maximise our growth, we need partnerships with companies that really understand what we’re doing.”

Central to Boulevard’s growth plans was increasing international sales across global marketplaces for its clients. To do this as cost-effectively as possible, it needed a way to sell internationally in several currencies and allow its customers to purchase comfortably in their home currency.

With Juni

Purchasing perks

Boulevard mainly uses its Juni cards for purchasing inventory. It gets an immediate boost to its margins at the point of buying stock thanks to the cashback paid on all eligible Juni card spend.

The business has also opened Juni multi-currency IBAN accounts. It can now make transactions in the currency that makes the most sense for each of its marketplaces. With FX fees capped at 0.25%, Boulevard avoids unnecessary costs when receiving funds or transferring money between its accounts.

Individual cards can be allocated to specific marketplaces, locations, or employees so that transactions are easily grouped at the point of spending. Juni’s dashboard gives an at-a-glance overview of expenditure across the business and the breakdown of spending by individual accounts.

"Juni makes it easy not only to process transactions but also to manage spending by staff across the company through virtual and physical cards,” says Portman. “We are enjoying the partnership and would strongly recommend Juni.”

The future

Primed for further growth

Boulevard’s partnership with Juni will increase as the business continues to scale. The company is already tracking at 160% growth this year, with the Juni products it’s using already having a significant impact on scalability.

As it continues to expand into more global markets with the brands it works with, Boulevard’s multi-currency infrastructure provides the perfect platform for future international growth.

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