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How BidBerry uses Juni in their 300% revenue growth equation

Bidberry is a data-driven performance agency based in Italy, with a workforce of 20 people across the globe. They specialise in offering tools and tailored solutions as a way to turn high-quality data into revenue - an approach which has allowed them to increase their revenue by 300% over the course of last year.

How Juni helped BidBerry achieve their mission

Before Juni
  • Low-impact card benefits which did nothing for their business
  • Being Europe based but collecting revenue and paying in USD, resulting in high FX fees
  • Using multiple currencies, leading to admin complexities and inefficiencies
After Juni
  • Cashback benefits which directly boost their margins
  • Avoiding unnecessary FX fees and admin headaches with multi-currency accounts
  • Having a dedicated account manager who tackles specific tasks and requests directly
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Before Juni

High FX fees, admin headaches, and card benefits which didn’t help the business

While BidBerry is based in Europe, they operate on a global level. This means that they collect their revenue and pay their suppliers in USD, which often leads to having to pay heavy FX fees that cuts into their margins. “Prior to Juni, we didn’t only lose part of our margin to FX fees, but the admin of having to pay different vendors in different currencies was an additional headache”, said BidBerry CEO Emiliano Amicuzi.

Given the fact that BidBerry is a data driven company, they pay close attention to their numbers and anything that affects them. With data-based optimisation being their specialty, it was problematic that their credit card benefits weren’t doing anything to improve their business. Their banking solution at the time was simply not geared towards the ecommerce industry in which BidBerry operates.

It’s something that Amicuzi said was a big downside: “Not having a banking partner with dedicated, agile customer support that understands our needs as an ecommerce performance agency was genuinely holding us back.” Especially when BidBerry attributed their 300% revenue increase over the course of last year to the strong relationships they were able to build with the account managers at their preferred online advertising platforms. “The fact that we couldn’t get the same type of dedicated customer support from our banking partners was very frustrating”, Amicuzi stated.

With Juni

A financial platform made for ecommerce and dedicated account managers.

BidBerry needed a financial solution which speaks their language, and understands their needs as a data-driven performance marketing agency. While looking for the ideal partner, they came across Juni’s cashback offer. “The 1% cashback benefit has been a great ROAS booster for us. It’s what convinced us to join Juni initially, and it continues to deliver value for our business. That being said, their entire platform is built to help ecommerce businesses like ours - it’s like they’re reading my mind.”

Thanks to Juni’s multi-currency accounts, BidBerry is able to create multiple cards in their favored currency - in this case USD. They can dedicate them to selected vendors, saving them both admin headaches and FX fees as they’re able to categorise their payments with ease. “The biggest win is that we’re able to free up precious time and allocate it to things which will help us continue to grow”, Amicuzi mentioned.

“In an industry which moves notoriously fast, having an account manager which can proactively work on solving ecommerce specific problems is a big asset”, he continued. With Juni’s dedicated account managers, BidBerry now has a direct line of communication with someone who can help them optimise their financial management. All in the context of their needs and goals as a performance marketing agency.

The future

Going beyond the grind, together

BidBerry continues to grow their business with Juni. As their monthly ad spend grows, so does their ROAS - thanks to the 1% cashback on all their eligible card spend. Further global expansion is no longer an expensive administrative headache because of their multi currency Juni accounts, and dedicated Juni account managers give them the custom support and flexibility they thrive on.

Overall, BidBerry has been very happy to be part of Juni’s journey, excited for the financial management innovations to come, and keen to be introduced to other members of the Juni community.

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