Simple ways to solve Google Ads payment problems

Simple ways to solve Google Ads payment problems

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When you’re running successful ad campaigns, the last thing you want is Google Ads payment problems to derail them.

Even if the issue is something as simple as a declined payment, there’s a good chance your ads will stop running until your payment goes through. And nobody wants that.

So, let’s look at how you can solve Google Ads payment problems quickly to get your ad spend flowing and your campaigns back on track.

Why was my Google Ads payment unsuccessful?

Are you having problems paying for Google Ads? If your Google Ads payment has been declined, there’s usually a very simple explanation. You just need to work your way through the options to see what’s causing the problem.

If you’ve had an unsuccessful Google Ads payment, here are some of the most common reasons:

There isn’t enough money in your account

As with all payments, a common reason for unsuccessful Google Ads payments is that there are insufficient funds available in the payment account. Check if you’ve got a big enough balance available on your card or debit card, then try to make the payment again.

If you’re experiencing this problem because funds from customers or payment gateways are not hitting your account by the time you need them to, Juni can help. We offer flexible credit lines from £10k up to £2M, 37 to 60-day payment terms, and 0% interest to eligible UK companies (penalties and interest may apply for customers that default on payments, terms and conditions apply, see for details).

You’ve exceeded your credit card’s daily, monthly or single transaction limit

This one is enough to have any ecommerce entrepreneur or digital marketer banging their head on the desk in despair. It’s possible you’ve hit an arbitrary limit put in place by your bank that stops you spending your money and brings your ad campaign screeching to a halt.

Your options are:

  • Get on the phone to your bank and plead with someone to increase your spend limit. There are no guarantees they will. There are no guarantees they’ll even understand why your ad spend needs higher limits.
  • Get Juni. You’ll get high spend limits of between £10k and £2M*, greater flexibility and a reliable funding source for your Google Ads spend. Oh, and we’ll give you 2% cashback for first 30 days, up to 1% thereafter on all eligible card spend.

(*For UK companies only, upon eligibility. Terms and conditions apply, see for details.)

Your card expired

Enter new card details and try to make the payment again. With Juni’s instant virtual card creation and access to as many virtual cards as you need, this isn’t an issue.

You entered incorrect card details or CVV/CVN number

This one is on you. Thankfully, it’s the easiest fix on this list!

Your bank doesn’t allow online or international transactions

Which makes you wonder why they’re your bank in the first place. Believe it or not, a common reason for Google Ads payment issues is that some banks don’t allow these types of transactions.

Juni’s multi-currency accounts let you pay in the GBP, USD or EUR — whatever makes the most sense for you, with FX fees capped at 0.25%.

Your bank doesn’t support strong customer authentication

Strong customer authentication is required for Google Ads payments being authenticated in the EU. If your bank doesn’t use strong customer authentication, you’re probably going to need an alternative payment method. And in case you’re wondering, yes, we do!

Why are my Google Ads suspended?

There are a few different reasons for Google to impose restrictions on your account. This includes things like:

  • Violating Google Ads policy
  • Violating Google account age requirements
  • Not complying with Google Ad grants policy for nonprofits
  • Unauthorised users trying to access your Google Ads account
  • Google Ads billing and payment problems

Since we’re focused on Google Ads payment problems here, let’s look at billing issues that can result in Google Ads suspensions.

Promotional code abuse

Attempting to sell promotional codes or using more than one promotional code on your account may result in a Google Ads account being suspended.

Requesting a chargeback

Asking your bank or credit card company to reverse a legitimate Google Ads charge is another reason for suspensions.

Unpaid balance

If you have an unpaid balance your Google Ads account may be temporarily suspended until the balance is paid.

Suspicious payment activity

If you have a Google Ads account suspended, suspicious payments are often the catch-all reason given by Google for suspensions related to billing.

What is a Google Ads suspicious payment?

If your account shows what is considered to be suspicious payment activity, Google Ads will often suspend your account. A suspicious payment is usually one that Google thinks is potentially fraudulent. Suspicious payment activity Google Ads might flag includes:

  • Suspected credit card fraud
  • Suspected money laundering
  • Suspected unethical practices

Assuming you’re not doing any of these things, there are often perfectly innocent reasons why there are Google Ads suspicious payments in your account. Things like:
Algorithm fail

Most suspicious payments Google Ads flags are the result of automated rather than manual checks. Sometimes the algorithm gets it wrong, and that could be the case with your account.

Verification problems

Another common cause of Google Ads suspicious payment activity is verification issues. Your name is different on your payment card than your ID. Your card is registered to an old address. Whatever the cause, if Google is unable to verify billing information your payment could be labelled as suspicious.

Banned credit cards

If you’re attempting to use a type of card that isn’t accepted by Google or a specific card that’s previously been used to make payments on a banned Google Ads account, that could also be flagged as suspicious or fraudulent payment activity.

What should I do if my Google Ads account is suspended?

If you have a suspended Google Ads account, your first step is to go through the things we listed above and see if you can work out why the account was suspended.

If you think you know what went wrong, put it right. Once everything is in order or you think your Google Ads account was wrongly suspended, you can appeal your suspension.

Avoid future payment Google Ads payment problems

Hopefully that's helped you to solve any Google Ads payment problems you've been experiencing. If you'd rather avoid some of the issues we mentioned in the future, you should take a look at Juni, the financial platform made for ecommerce.

It's designed to take your media buying to the next level. We'll help keep your ads running smoothly and easily via our time-saving Google Ads integration. With automatic receipt generation, real-time spend insights and Google Ads invoices auto-pulled into your account, it's simple to keep track of your payments.

Get Juni

Simple ways to solve Google Ads payment problems
Financial platform

Juni is the financial platform built for ecommerce. We give you a unified view of your finances, with cards, mulitcurrency accounts, and banking, accounting and advertising integrations - all in one place. We can even help boost your cash flow with working capital, cashback and more.

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