How to manage and optimise your online ad spend

How to manage and optimise your online ad spend

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How much do you spend on online advertising every month?

Do you need to be spending that much? Could you be getting more sales and bigger growth from that investment? For many ecommerce brands, online advertising spend becomes an inevitable overhead. It’s the cost of doing business – an incidental (but very big) expense.

If you put more time into optimising your ad spend, you could get better results with the same budget. In this article, we’re going to look at:

  • General pointers for improving your online ad spend
  • Getting more from your Google Ads spend
  • Fine-tuning your Facebook Ads spend

Let’s get started…

Optimising advertising spend across all platforms

Before we look at Google Ads and Facebook Ads in more detail, let’s look at some general pointers. These tips apply to both platforms, as well as other ad platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Stop doing what isn’t working

Too many ad campaigns trundle along with keywords, ad copy, creatives, or landing pages that simply aren’t working. Just because some aspects of a campaign are performing well doesn’t mean you have to bring the deadwood along on the journey. To optimise your spend:

  • Remove irrelevant or underperforming keywords
  • A/B test every aspect of your campaign
  • Make sure your landing pages are highly relevant to your ads

Improve your tracking

Using Google Analytics, track keyword performance, channel attribution, and UTM parameters to see what’s getting results so you can adjust your spend accordingly.

Fine-tune your targeting

Improved tracking data will allow you to target your ads to get more from your spend. This could include:

  • Using retargeting to reach people who are already aware of your products
  • Optimising ad scheduling towards the times and days that drive most conversions
  • Targeting demographics that drive most conversions

Double down on what is working

When you’ve got some A/B tests under your belt, your tracking is doing its job, and you’ve honed your targeting, see what’s getting results and run with it.

Spread your spend throughout the funnel

Get more from your spend by taking advantage of cheaper costs-per-click at the top of the funnel. Reach larger numbers of people with content that adds value for your target audience, then focus your bottom-of-the-funnel spend on people who have shown their interest in your products. Use the 70/20/10 ratio — 70% top of the funnel, 20% middle, and 10% bottom as your starting point.

Earn cashback

Boost your ROAS and further optimise your spend by paying for your ads on a Juni card. Get 2% cashback for your first 30 days, and up to 1% thereafter.

Optimising ad spend on Google Ads

No prizes for guessing where the majority of money spent on Juni cards goes. With so much spend focused on Google Ads, it makes sense to optimise it to reduce costs and improve performance. Here’s how to optimise Google Ads spend.

Experiment with bidding strategies

Google Ads offers a series of built-in bidding strategies to help optimise your spend. These include target CPA, enhanced CPC, maximise conversions, maximise clicks, and target return on ad spend (ROAS).

Improve your quality score

Quality score is Google Ads’ measure of how relevant your landing page is to your ad. Ads with a higher quality score get served in better placements, which optimises your spend. Increase the relevance, increase your quality score and decrease your CPC by:

  • Selecting only keywords that closely match your ad
  • Creating highly targeted landing pages for each of your ads
  • Delivering a good landing page experience that closely links to the search intent

Try ad extensions

Optimise your spend by taking advantage of Google Ads’ CTR-boosting extras. Ad extensions give you additional ways of attracting attention to your ads. They include:

  • Callout extensions — promote key benefits, such as free shipping and discounts, via extra text
  • Structured snippet extensions — showcase extra details about the brand, style or type of your products 
  • Sitelink extensions — link to multiple landing pages from a single ad
  • Image extensions — include an image next to your ad

Update your negative keywords list

Add poor-performing keywords to your negative keywords list to stop them from draining your budget. Check your search terms tab in Google Ads at least every two weeks to weed out keywords that aren’t making the grade.

Use Juni’s Google Ads integration

Track your Google Ads spend and get valuable insights from your Juni dashboard. Make managing your spend simple by automating the import of your Google Ads receipts and invoices.

Optimising ad spend on Facebook Ads

A huge 62% of all transactions made by Juni customers are payments to Facebook Ads. If you can optimise that percentage of your transactions, it will have a big impact on ad performance and your bottom line. Here’s how to optimise Facebook Ads spend.

Choose placements carefully

AdEspresso suggests Facebook Ads CPC can vary by up to 550% depending on which placements you choose. Keep an eye on which placements are not performing and stop your ads serving in those places. Optimise your spend by focusing on the placements that get results.

Don’t bid against yourself

If you’re running multiple Facebook Ads campaigns with custom audiences, make sure to exclude specific audiences from different campaigns. Otherwise, you’ll bid against yourself and drive up your costs.

Activate ad set budget control

Facebook’s algorithm relies heavily on past performance. It may favour ad sets with a proven record over your new and improved ad set. Use the ad set budget control feature to set a minimum spend and ensure your latest ads get a fair chunk of your spend.

Use Juni’s Facebook Ads integration

With the high volume of transactions going to Facebook Ads, we knew we could save ecommerce businesses a lot of time by making it easier to optimise their spend.

Our new Facebook integration saves you logging into several different systems to get an overview of your ad spend. It’s all there on your Juni dashboard. You’ll also see actionable insights to improve cash flow around your ad spend.

Start optimising your online ad spend today

Raring to go after reading those tips? You can stretch your budget and immediately improve the performance of your campaigns with these ad optimisation quick-wins. Get started right now by:

  • Split-testing ads, copy, colours, calls to action, and more
  • Removing underperforming keywords
  • Ensuring you’re not bidding against yourself
  • Experimenting with automated bidding strategies
  • Connecting your Facebook Ads account with Juni to start getting real-time insights into your ad spend

How to manage and optimise your online ad spend
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