Introducing Juni Receipt Matching

No more wasting time on tedious admin tasks. Pull and match your Facebook Ads, Shopify and TikTok receipts from Gmail at the click of a button.

Summon your receipts in seconds

Forget endless ‘one-by-one’ searches for your receipts in Gmail. Save time by magically having your receipts pulled and matched in Juni.

Seamlessly integrate all your Gmail accounts

Easily connect the right Gmail account – whether it’s your main business email or an invoicing mailbox.

No more chasing down your team for receipts

Grant your finance teams a centralised overview of your receipts and transactions from three major platforms – removing the friction caused by cross-team receipt hunting and paving the way for easier audits.

Secure convenience. So you can rest easy.

Juni is committed to ensuring your data is protected throughout all our operations. Our Juni Receipt Matching integration with Gmail has been audited by a certified Google partner and is compliant with Google Ts&Cs. For details on how we process your personal data, including specifically in the context of the Gmail integration, please see our Privacy Policy.

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