Cashback on all your spend

You're ROAS-driven. We get that. Boost your ROAS one spend at a time. Pay with your Juni card, receive 1% cashback.

Earn as you spend. Real cashback, no caps.

Increase profits with cashback on all your card spend. Paid out to your Juni account 30 days after each month-end. No limits.

Your average monthly card spend is:


1% Cashback: €1000/month


1% Cash back: £1000/mo

Spend with your Juni card and get up to




per year

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Benefits designed to help ecommerce entrepreneurs

No more random discounts or credit card points you never use. As your financial companion, we make sure that our card benefits offer maximum impact and support for your ecommerce business. Our cashback program is designed to do exactly that.

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Cash is king

In the world of entrepreneurship, cash is king. It is versatile and you are flexible in how you can spend it to help your ecommerce business thrive. Nobody can change the value of it, and you can spend it anywhere. You don’t have to wait years to accumulate enough miles or points to redeem them for a free flight or hotel room, like you would with other reward programs. Cash is simple, and since your day-to-day is already complex enough, we made sure that our cashback rewards will make your life easier - not more complicated.

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Flat-rate cashback

When it comes to ecommerce entrepreneurship, we know how important flexibility is. At Juni, you earn cashback based on a 1% flat-rate. This means that you get paid out 1% cashback regardless of what you buy with your Juni card. No tiers, categories, or limitations - just automatic cashback for whatever you decide to spend your money on.

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Juni credit or prepaid cards

Earn cashback with any Juni card, whether it’s our business credit card, or prepaid credit card, both virtual or physical. So you can increase profits in every way possible. No limits.

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Cashback - the effortless way

All the cashback you have earned throughout the calendar month gets credited to your Juni account 30 days after the month-end. For example, the cashback you’ve earned during January gets paid to your account 30 days after January 31st. You do not need to do anything - it will be added automatically to your account! It’s as easy as that.

Spend it how you want to

You know your business best, so whether you want to use your cashback rewards as additional ad spend, to pay off supplier invoices, or to finance the monthly subscriptions in your ecommerce stack - the choice is yours. Spend your cashback rewards as soon as they hit your Juni account.

Kickstart your ROAS boost with 2% cashback for 30 days

As a way to welcome new customers to the Juniverse, we are offering you 2% cashback for your first 30 days, starting when you activate your Juni account. After the 30 days are over, you will continue to receive 1% cashback on all your future Juni card spend.

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Earn 2% cashback for your first 30 days

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