The Juni credit card

Made for ecommerce and media buying

1% cashback on all your spend
From 37 to 60-day payment terms
Flexible credit limits of up to £1M

Scale seamlessly

Currently only available for companies registered in the UK, upon eligibility. Credit lines, their increase, and eligibility are subject to application, review, and financial circumstances. 37-day payment terms guaranteed, with up to 60 days available.
Fees and Terms & Conditions apply.

0% interest

Spend your money on scaling your business or your campaigns. The Juni VISA credit card is interest-free*.
*Fees and interests apply in case of late payment only. See more in our Terms & Conditions.

Credit lines of up to £1M

Improve cash flow with Juni. Get credit lines of up to £1M upon eligibility, with flexible limits we can increase after approval. No more missed opportunities for scaling or peak season.

juni credit lines
juni payment terms

37 to 60-day
payment terms

Get the ease you need with 37 days guaranteed, and up to 60 days available.

Cashback on all
your spend

Pay with your Juni credit card and receive 1% cashback on all your card spend.

juni cashback
juni simplified

Simplified credit management

Assign a credit line to your accounts in a few clicks and track your credit balance from the Credit page of your Juni dashboard.

Coming soon

Flexible credit

Access credit tailored to your business needs, whether for additional marketing spend on 37-day terms, inventory on 90-day terms, or quick access to cash tied up in merchant accounts.

juni flexible credit
Available now

World Class Support with Dedicated Account Managers.

You deserve a private and direct line with your bank. All Juni customers get a dedicated account manager you can reach at all times. Our top customers get extra perks that will help take your business to the next level.

How to apply

Step 1

Log in to your Juni account.

Step 2

Make sure to integrate all your business finances.

Step 3

Apply via the Credit page on the left of your dashboard.

Step 4

Follow the status of your request on the Credit page.

Step 5

Get an answer within 48 hours and sign the agreement.

Step 6

Start assigning your credit from the Credit limit tab.

Any questions?

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Earn 2% cashback for your first 30 days

Fill out the form and start using Juni within 10 working days. Receive 2% cashback on all your card spend for your first 30 days.

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