Terms and Conditions

Version 2.0: This version of the terms and conditions will be fully replaced by version 3.0 on 15 September 2021 at which point this version 2.0 will cease to be in force. Version 3.0 is available here. The previous version 1.0 (for reference purposes) is available here.

1. Introduction

This document (referred to as the “terms and conditions”) sets out the terms and conditions that are applicable to the use of your Juni account, the Juni card and related services, as they may be amended from time to time. Swedish law applies and disputes will be settled by Swedish courts. These terms and conditions, along with our Privacy Policy, Pricing Page and any other terms and conditions that apply to our services, form a legal agreement between you, the legal person represented by an authorised representative (“you” and “your”), and Juni Technology AB (“Juni”, “we”, “us”, “our”). The language used in these terms and conditions and in communication between you and Juni shall be English. This agreement is for an infinite duration and will continue in force until terminated by either party in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Juni Technology AB is a limited company with company registration number 559248-0908 and whose registered address is Kungsportsavenyn 21, 411 36 Gothenburg, Sweden. We offer our services as an agent of (i) PayrNet Limited, a company incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company registration number 09883437 and whose registered address is at Kemp House, 152 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX, a company authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (register reference 900594) for the issuing of electronic money, and (ii) UAB “PayrNet”, a company incorporated and registered in Lithuania with company registration number 305264430 and whose registered address is at Giruli ų str. 20, 12123 Vilnius, Lithuania, a company authorised by the Bank of Lithuania as an electronic money institution (license number 72, issued on 28 August 2020). More information about PayrNet Limited and UAB “PayrNet” is available in the Payrnet FAQs.

If you wish to have more information about Juni’s products and services, you might find it helpful to read our FAQs. The PayNet FAQs and our FAQs are for informational purposes only and don't form part of our agreement with you.

2. Your Juni account

2.1 Who can apply for a Juni Account?

Juni accepts limited liability companies, limited companies, public limited companies, and sole proprietorships located within the European Economic Area or the United Kingdom as customers. To apply for a Juni account, the company must be represented by a person who is at least 18 years old.

2.1.1 Your Juni account and e-money

E-money is the electronic equivalent to cash. The Juni account is an account where e-money in multiple currencies can be held at the same time. Upon receipt of funds by Payrnet Limited or UAB “Payrnet”, you will be issued the equivalent value in e-money following applicable laws and these terms and conditions.

We offer you the following options of depositing funds in exchange for e-money into your Juni account:

  • transfers from your accounts held with other financial institutions, or
  • transfers from payment gateways.

Please note that certain restrictions apply with respect to deposits of funds (such as maximum amount per deposit and number of deposits made during a certain period of time). Only deposits made from financial institutions in the EU/EEA and US are permitted.

2.1.2 Transfer of funds held in your Juni account

You can make transfers from the Juni account by way of SEPA credit transfers, SEPA instant, Faster Payments and SWIFT wires to recipients in the EU/EEA and the US. 

To create a transfer from your Juni account (a “payment order”), you need to provide the following information:

  • full name of the recipient, 
  • type of recipient,
  • address of recipient,
  • IBAN or sort code of recipient,
  • account details of recipient, 
  • amount,
  • currency, and
  • purpose of the payment.

You submit the payment order and information through the Juni platform. We will consider that you, by submitting the payment order, gave Juni your consent and authorised us to execute the payment order in accordance with the information provided by you. Once we have received the payment order, it can’t be cancelled or reversed. Therefore, it is important that you provide the correct information for the payment order as you may lose funds sent to an incorrect recipient.

Payment orders will be received by us and executed as detailed in the below table.

Payment order Juni’s receipt of payment order Execution of payment order
Between your Juni accounts Immediately Immediately
SEPA instant and Faster Payments Immediately Immediately
SEPA credit transfer Immediately The same banking day if submitted before 16:15 CET. After 16:15 CET, the next banking day.
SWIFT wires Immediately EUR and GBP, the same banking day if submitted before 16:00 CET. After 16:00 CET, the next banking day.
With respect to other currencies, please refer to the following links for information:

Public holidays may delay execution of payment orders in certain currencies by one banking day.

You can also execute payment transactions with your Juni card (see section 2.3). Juni does not currently support checks or cash deposits.

2.2 The Juni platform and integration

You can integrate bank accounts held with other financial institutions and payment gateways into the Juni platform (www.juni.co), enabling you to see a unified list of all your account balances and transactions. 

2.3 The Juni card

Our Platinum Visa payment card (referred to as the “Juni card”) is issued by PayrNet Limited and UAB “PayrNet”, and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and the Bank of Lithuania in the EEA, respectively (see section 1 for more details). 

The Juni card is issued as virtual and physical Visa Platinum payment cards that can be used to execute payment transactions online. The physical cards can also be used in physical point-of-sales and to withdraw cash at an ATM.

You can create, delete, and see the virtual Juni cards’ details on the Juni platform. The virtual Juni cards are disposable payment cards and we offer you the possibility to generate as many virtual Juni cards as you need subject to our fair usage policy where Juni reserves the right to impose an upper limit on the number of virtual Juni cards that you can create after carefully considering the needs of the business of your company.

Please note that certain restrictions apply with respect to spending and withdrawal of cash using the Juni card (such as maximum amount per transaction or withdrawal and amount spent during a certain period of time).

2.3.1 Ordering and activating your Juni card

An admin can order Juni cards through the Juni platform. The virtual Juni cards are created on the Juni platform and activated upon issuance. Physical Juni cards will be sent to an address confirmed by you. Upon receipt of a physical Juni card, the admin or user to whom it has been issued needs to activate the card on the Juni platform.

2.3.2 Blocking a Juni card

We may block your Juni card if there is a risk of a non-secure use of the card or if we suspect that the card has been used unauthorisedly. If we block your Juni card, we will notify you through the Juni platform or to your registered email as soon as possible and decide whether to reactivate the card or replace it with a new Juni card when there are no longer reasons to block the card.

3. Applying for a Juni account

When you apply for a Juni account, you promise that you are authorised to enter into the agreement with us. We will ask you to provide us with certain information about you and the company, as well as any directors and beneficial owners of the company. Once we verify this information, you will be granted access to your Juni account. 

Please note that you need to inform us as soon as possible of any changes to your operations, such as changes in business activities, change of address, directors, authorised representatives, beneficial owners, status of the company or any other information relevant to your use of the Juni account.

We won’t let you open or hold an account with us if you or the company carry out any sort of business or activity within the following areas (referred to as “prohibited businesses”):

  • unregulated financial services (where licensing is required),
  • pyramid or Ponzi scheme or multi-level marketing programs,
  • hawala,
  • unlicensed FX brokers, 
  • binary options,
  • debt restructuring, credit repair, debt settlement, providing credit, debt collections (unless approved by Juni),
  • gambling,
  • get rich-quick scheme,
  • cryptocurrency,
  • activities aimed at circumventing security controls (software, hardware),
  • unregulated pharmaceuticals/food supplements (e.g. ‘nutraceuticals’),
  • piracy or illegal streaming,
  • counterfeit goods and violation of intellectual property, items that violate someone’s privacy,
  • arms/dual use goods,
  • human organs, 
  • unlicensed charities,
  • shell companies,
  • companies formed of bearer shares,
  • remittances funded in cash,
  • offshore bank transactions/shell banks, 
  • adult services connected to human trafficking; intermediation of prostitution; production, visual broadcasting of pornography or striptease clubs (this does not include literature, toys, DVDs, educational or scientific material or dating sites),
  • fourth party payment and multi-layered MSB arrangements,
  • transactions for goods subject to export prohibitions,
  • transactions with living animals (exceptions possible with respect to horse riding, or dog classes),
  • political /religious organisations engaged in hate speech, and 
  • sanctioned entities.

Juni can, at our discretion, refuse to let you open or hold an account with us if you carry out any other business or activity that we are not comfortable with or your risk profile is or becomes outside of our risk appetite. 

4. Access to your Juni account

This agreement is binding on you, but you can authorise other people to access the Juni account and use a Juni card as follows: 

  • Admin: an authorised representative of a company, who administers and manages the Juni account and Juni cards. Admins can make transfers, order Juni cards and invite users to have access to the Juni account and hold a Juni card. The admin is in charge of access rights. 
  • User: anyone that has been invited and authorised by an admin to access the Juni account and hold a Juni card. A user is not able to invite others to access the Juni account, order Juni cards and is not able to change the access-rights.

You, as admin, remain responsible for all actions and activities undertaken by users as if they were carried out by yourself. It is your responsibility to withdraw access-rights granted to a user and to ensure that access-rights are not given to a person who is not permitted to have access to a Juni account, a Juni card or related services.

5. Closing your Juni account

You can close your account, and terminate this agreement, at any time by getting in touch with us at support@juni.co or through the Juni platform. We will close your Juni account when all pending transactions have been completed and any balance has been transferred out of the account.

We will hold back enough funds to cover any outstanding payments that you approved prior to the account closure. The process of clearing out pending transactions may take up to 30 days, after which we will be able to pay out your balance in full to an account designated by you, less any fees and charges payable to us, provided that no law, regulation, regulatory authority or court require us to withhold the balance for any reason. 

Please note that if your account has been temporarily restricted, we may not be able to close your account until we have completed any ongoing investigations concerning the account.

6. When we might block your access to your Juni account

Account security is very important to Juni. For that reason we may, on occasion, block access to your Juni account in case we have reasonable suspicion that the security of your Juni account has been compromised or we believe that it might be used without your permission or for fraudulent purposes. We might also place a block on your Juni account to meet our legal or regulatory obligations. In such cases, we will inform you as soon as possible via email.

7. When we might close your Juni account

We may close your Juni account without notice under exceptional circumstances if we reasonably suspect that:

  • you are behaving fraudulently,
  • you have given us false information at any time,
  • there has been a change in the type of business activities carried out by the company, a material change in the ownership of the company or the person holding legal power to manage the business and you are no longer eligible for a Juni account,
  • the company has been declared bankrupt or insolvent, or is being wound up,
  • we are obliged to do so under applicable laws, regulations, court order or instructions of a regulatory authority,
  • you have breached these terms and conditions in a serious or persistent way, 
  • your use of your Juni account or the Juni card could harm our reputation, 
  • you have opened an account to circumvent a decision made by us (such as suspension, restriction or other limitation of an already existing Juni account), or
  • you have been abusive to anyone at Juni.

8. When we might refuse or delay a payment

Under certain circumstances, Juni may refuse or delay a payment. Specifically, if:

  • we have suspended your Juni account,
  • a third party, such as Visa, PayrNet Limited, UAB “PayrNet” or Railsbank Technology Limited, prevents us from making the payment,
  • we have asked for information reasonably needed by Juni and you have not provided that information,
  • we believe that the instruction you gave us doesn’t contain all the information we need in order to execute the payment correctly,
  • we need to assess the payment due to legal compliance reasons, such as transaction monitoring,
  • the amount of the payment is over or would take you over any limits applied to your Juni account,
  • the company has been declared bankrupt or insolvent, is being wound up, or a similar event is taking place, 
  • the payment would be in breach with these terms and conditions or any applicable legislation or otherwise prohibited (for example, in breach of international sanctions), or
  • we reasonably believe that the transaction will harm our reputation. 

9. Restrictions on the use of your Juni account and the Juni card

You are not allowed to use your Juni account or the Juni card for the following purposes:

  • to abuse, exploit or circumvent restrictions imposed by a merchant with respect to its products or services,
  • for the purpose of abusing, exploiting or circumventing controls or restrictions imposed by a merchant or platform, 
  • to create an excessive amount of virtual Juni cards without a reasonable business purpose, 
  • to let someone who isn’t an admin or a user access the Juni account or use the Juni card, or
  • to carry out any sort of business or activity that falls within the prohibited businesses or otherwise for illegal purposes.

10. How is my money protected?

Juni will never lend your money to others. As we are not a bank, deposits to your Juni account are not covered by financial protection schemes like the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) or the EU Directive on deposit guarantee scheme (DGS). 

The funds you deposit in your Juni account are safeguarded in our segregated accounts with the Bank of Lithuania and the Bank of England and kept separated from our own funds. In the unlikely event that Juni becomes insolvent, your funds would be returned to you in full.

11. Cashback

At Juni, we give our customers cashback on all eligible spending using the Juni card. The cashback is accumulated on a monthly basis and automatically credited to your Juni account 30 days after the end of the month where the cashback was accumulated. Please note that temporary holds, processing or transaction fees, ATM charges, deductions and refunds don’t count towards eligible spending and that Juni reserves the right to make the final determination of what constitutes eligible spending. 

Applicable cashback level is set out in our Pricing Page.

12. Fees and charges

The fees and charges applicable to your Juni account, the Juni card and the use of Juni’s services are set out in our Pricing Page.

Juni provides three physical Juni cards for free to each customer. If you require additional physical Juni cards, a fee of €5 per card will be charged to your Juni account.

Please note that any fees imposed on Juni by third parties due to your use of your Juni account or the Juni card (such as SWIFT fees) will be debited to your Juni account.

13. What exchange rate do you use?

Please refer to the Pricing Page for further information regarding applicable exchange rate and exchange fees. 

You can see the exchange rate applied to a certain transaction in the Juni platform. Once a currency conversion has been carried out, your transaction history in the Juni platform will show you the exchange rate that was used as well as any exchange fee (if applicable). The exchange rate that applies at the time that the currency conversion is carried out will be applied. This information will be accessible in the Juni platform and we will not send you any electronic notifications separately with respect to transactions using the Juni card.

We may apply changes in exchange rates immediately and will notify you in advance of doing so on the Juni platform. Juni reserves the right to not execute a payment order implicating a currency conversion due to market disruptions, unforeseen events or technical errors. 

14. How should you keep your Juni account and Juni cards safe?

We will do everything we can to keep your Juni account and funds safe and ask that you and any user of a Juni account and a Juni card read and follow this information. Under sections 14.4 and section 19 you can find more information about refunds and Juni’s liability. 

You should always contact us via chat at Juni or email, support@juni.co.

14.1 Lost or stolen physical Juni card

If a Juni card is lost or stolen it is important that you or the relevant user notifies us immediately and, if possible, immediately freezes that Juni card (available through the Juni platform, www.juni.co). The same applies if you otherwise suspect that the security details of your Juni card may have been used without your permission.

14.2 Security for virtual Juni cards

You must keep your virtual Juni card details safe at all times and contact us immediately if you suspect that any of your virtual Juni cards has been compromised. Make sure to delete the affected virtual Juni card on the Juni platform as soon as you realise the incident. 

14.3 Personalised security details

Never share your personalised security details such as username and password and remember to protect them if you write them down or store them. Make sure that you close the Juni platform when you’re not using it and log out of your account, keep your means of communication used for authentication purposes safe, don't store your personalised security details on any device, change your password regularly and don’t let others use or access the Juni account (other than in connection with open banking as explained in section 16) or the Juni card on your behalf. 

14.4 Unauthorised transactions

If you notice or suspect that someone has used your Juni account or Juni card without permission, you must contact us immediately and in any event within 30 business days following the unauthorised transaction. You must immediately freeze or delete any affected Juni card on the Juni platform. 

We will only refund an unauthorised transaction that has happened after you notify us that your Juni card is stolen, lost or otherwise has been compromised or that someone is unauthorisedly using your Juni account or Juni card. We will not refund an unauthorised transaction if evidence suggests that you or a user acted fraudulently or if it was possible due to your or a user’s:

  • failure to keep personalised security details connected to your Juni account or Juni card safe (such as login credentials and card security details), or
  • breach of these terms and conditions.

We will treat any payment order given using the Juni card or the Juni platform as evidence that you authorised the transaction or didn’t keep your security details safe. Juni reserves the right to investigate each unauthorised transaction and to debit your Juni account with the refunded amount if we determine that the transaction was in fact authorised. 

Refunds will be processed within 10 business days from the date that you have provided us with all required information to process the request. 

14.4.1 Micro-enterprises registered in the UK

If you are a micro-enterprise registered in the UK, this section 14.4 will apply to you to the extent permitted pursuant to applicable law and you must notify us without undue delay, and in any event within 13 months following an unauthorised transaction.

14.5 Our responsibility to keep your account safe

Juni uses strong customer authentication solutions, data encryption, fraud detection software and software notifying us when login credentials of our customers may have been compromised to keep your account information and funds safe.

15. Payment sent to the wrong account, delayed or not received

We will always do our best to process all payments timely and correctly but despite our best efforts, payments may sometimes be delayed or not received by the intended party and if that happens to you, please always contact us as soon as possible at support@juni.co or via chat at Juni so that we can help to set things right. See section 19 for information regarding our liability.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you enter the correct details of the party that you want to pay and we will not refund you if we processed the payment correctly but you provided incorrect information. Incorrect recipient information may cause the payment to be delayed or sent to the wrong recipient. If that’s the case, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can do our best to help you.

16. Open banking

With open banking and your consent, you’re able to initiate payments with third party payment initiation service providers or permit a third party account information service provider to access your banking information. These terms and conditions apply to such transactions and requests for information. If we have good reasons to believe that any such service provider has received unauthorised access to your Juni account, we suspect fraud or if we have legal or regulatory reason for doing so, we may block its access. 

17. How to make a complaint 

If you have a complaint, please contact us at support@juni.co, via chat at Juni, or send us a letter to Paradisgatan 21A, 41316 Gothenburg, Sweden, and we will make sure to set things right. For detailed information with regard to our complaints handling process and your rights, you can visit our Complaints Policy

18. Intellectual property 

Juni’s intellectual property, such as any content (e.g. text, photographs, designs, graphics) on the Juni platform and website, our logo, card designs, software and source code, are owned or controlled by us or our licensors. Intellectual property rights include copyright, trademarks, domain names, design rights, database rights, and patents.

These rights are exclusively reserved to Juni and you must not use our intellectual property as your own. You are also prohibited from reverse engineering any of our products, namely reproducing them after a detailed examination of their construction or composition. 

19. Limitation of liability 

While Juni will make any reasonable effort to ensure that there are no interruptions or faults to the services we provide, unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your Juni account and Juni card will always work smoothly. This is partly because we rely on some third party service providers in order for you to be able to enjoy our services. 

Juni won’t be responsible for any direct or indirect loss of income or profit, loss of goodwill or damage to reputation, loss of business contracts or opportunities, loss of anticipated savings, or consequential loss. 

In addition to the above, and to the extent such limitation is permitted by law, Juni will not be responsible for any loss or cost you may incur as a result of:

  • a legal or regulatory requirement, or any unusual or unexpected events outside our control,
  • a third party fraudulent act, if you acted with gross negligence (for example, we will not be held liable for any losses you might incur in case someone contacts you posing to be employed at Juni, asking you to disclose personal information, such as your login credentials and sms codes, or to initiate a payment transaction), 
  • any fees applied by third parties, such as banks, for using their facilities or services, or other charges that arise from an underlying transaction,
  • any delays, disruptions, faults or inaccuracies relating to the Juni account, Juni card, and our services in general,
  • you providing us with incorrect or incomplete information,
  • a virus, malware, phishing or other technological attacks or harmful material that may infect your IT equipment and infrastructure, or
  • anything a third party does or fails to do. 

Even though we will do our best to help you set things right, Juni will not be responsible:

  • for incorrectly executed incoming or outgoing transfers or payment transactions to or from your Juni account, 
  • to refund your Juni account in respect of any incorrectly executed incoming or outgoing transfers or payment transactions to or from your Juni account or in respect of any transactions not executed at all, 
  • for tracking incoming or outgoing transfers or payment transactions into or out of your Juni account that are executed incorrectly or not executed at all, and
  • for fees, interest or costs occurring due to any incoming or outgoing transfers or payment transactions into or out of your Juni account being executed incorrectly or not being executed at all.

If you are a micro-enterprise registered in the UK, this section 19 will apply to you to the extent permitted pursuant to applicable law.  

20. Your liability

If you fail to comply with this agreement, if any information or promise made by you turns out to be incorrect or if you use the Juni account, the Juni card or related services in violation with applicable laws, you will be responsible for our damages, losses and other costs.

21. Use of your personal data 

In order for Juni to be able to offer you our services, we need to collect certain personal data about you. By accepting these terms and conditions, you consent to your personal data being collected, stored and processed by Juni in accordance with all applicable regulations. 

You can read our Privacy Policy for a detailed description of how Juni uses your personal data. 

If you are no longer happy for us to use your data, we will have to end our agreement and terminate your Juni account. In that case, we will stop using your personal data for the purpose of providing our services, but we might need to retain certain personal data about you and the directors and any ultimate beneficial owners of the company for a limited period and use it where we have lawful grounds to do so (such as to meet our legal and regulatory obligations). 

22. Changes to this agreement 

We will make sure that you always have easy access to these terms and conditions and they will always be readily available on the Juni website. 

We constantly work to improve our services and it may require us to make changes to these terms and conditions. Unless the changes are clearly in your favour, we will give you 60 days’ notice before the changes take effect. 

If you are not happy with any changes to these terms and conditions, you can contact us before the changes come into effect and we will close your Juni account. Otherwise, we will assume that you consent to any changes of these terms and conditions.