Terms and Conditions

Version 1.0: This version of the terms and conditions will be fully replaced by version 2.0 on 10 September 2021 at which point this version 1.0 will cease to be in force. Version 2.0 is available here

These are Juni's Terms and Conditions for usage of the product

1. Introduction

This agreement is between Us (Juni Technology AB) and You, the business entity entering into this agreement.

The laws of Sweden applies to these terms. Any dispute about this agreement can be dealt with by the courts of Stockholm.

2. Your account

With Juni you will be provided with e-money accounts. The Juni account is a virtual account that can hold multiple different currencies at the same time

3. Using your account

Usage of the account happens through your Available Funds. The available funds can come from unspent e-money or a line of credit

With available funds in your account you will be able to use a variety of services:

  • Make payments and cash transactions through the Juni card. The Juni card can be virtual or physical
  • Send money to and receive money from Juni and 3rd party accounts
  • Exchange e-money from one currency to another

In order to comply with international and national Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering regulation, we may refuse or delay any of the above transactions when any of the following applies:

  • Legal or regulatory requirements prevent us from executing the transaction
  • The amount would take you over any limits that apply to your account
  • We reasonably suspect fraud and/or illegal activity
  • We consider it necessary to protect the security of your account
  • We believe the transaction would damage our reputation
  • A third party (e.g. VISA, Payernet or Railsbank) prevents us from making the payment

You can always contact the Juni customer service department if you have questions to why a transaction was not completed. If we refuse a transaction, this agreement will continue, and we won’t be responsible for any loss or damages caused as a result.

4. Transactions in different currencies

If you tell us to make a currency exchange, or you make a payment in a different currency than in your funding currency, the transaction will be subject to currency conversion. The exchange rate for a given transaction is available in the Juni application.

For transactions via your VISA card, the reference exchange rate is set the day the transaction is processed by VISA.

For transactions via the bank transfer or from one Juni account to another, the reference exchange rate is set the day the transaction is processed by Payernet.

5. Credit line

You may qualify for a credit line with our third party providers. The terms and conditions of using the credit line will be governed by a separate agreement between you and the credit provider.

6. Fees

Payment to other Juni accounts: Free

ATM fee: €0

FX fee: 0%

Local transfers: €0.20 per outgoing transfer. GBP and USD transfers supported

SEPA transfers: €0.20 per outgoing transfer. EUR supported

International SWIFT transfers: €20 per incoming and outgoing transfer

Plastic card delivery: Varies by country and address

Subscription costs, if any, are covered on our pricing page.

7. Changes that we may make

We may make changes to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

If any changes are made, they will be publicised on Our Website at least two months before the changes take effect, and a copy is provided per email to You, using the email you have registered with us. If the change is to your advantage, we may give you less notice.

8. Restricting use of your account

We may prevent or limit the use of your account if we reasonably consider this is necessary to protect the security of your account or if legal or regulatory requirements require us to limit your account usage

9. Unauthorised transactions

If you see unauthorised transactions on your account, please let us know as soon as possible and no later than 4 weeks after the time of the transaction.

We will refund the payment if the transaction happens due to a fault with Juni and you have exerted reasonable efforts in letting us know about security compromises in a timely fashion.

We will not provide a refund if the theft happened because you didn't keep your security details safe or evidence suggests that you acted fraudulently.

10. Account closure

Should you wish to close your Juni account, pleases contact our customer service.

We will back enough money to cover any outstanding payments that you approved prior to account closure. The process of clearing out pending transaction can take up to 30 days, after which we will be able to pay out your balance in full.

11. Technical Service Provider

Subject to our privacy procedures as described in the Privacy Policy, Juni may work with one or more third party financial service technology providers to access and retrieve your Account Information. Specifically, for institutions that require compliance with PSD2 regulations, the Company partners with Salt Edge Limited and Plaid. By using the Service, you indicate that you have read, and agree with, the following