Create an online legacy that’s built to last – just like your clothes
Your business is expanding online. Juni is here to support you through the transformation and help you manage your global marketing budgets at the click of a button.
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Get a unified view of your funds

Juni gives you multi-currency accounts, virtual cards, and banking, accounting and advertising integrations – all in one place. We can even help you boost your cash flow with working capital, cashback and more.

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“Paid media has been key to our growth, but the admin eats into your margins. Juni brings efficiency and automation to our finances and frees up our resources.”
Benjamin Lau, Co-Founder
“The 1% cashback benefit has been a great ROAS booster for us. It’s what convinced us to join Juni initially, and it continues to deliver value for our business.”
Emiliano Amicuzi, CEO
“With Juni’s Google Ads integration we can generate receipts directly and track all our spending and invoices right there. That time saved is time we spend growing our business.”
Can, Founder

Get the financial platform built for ecommerce

Meet your Juni team