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You have clients using dozens of platforms to keep track of sales, traffic, ad spend, banking and payment processing. Make life easier for your clients and integrate with us!

Performance Marketing Networks

Your affiliates run tons of offers with different networks. Keeping track of what each network owes can quickly become a headache. With Juni your affiliate can easily see their unpaid balances.

When scaling a winning campaign, cash flow is king. Having to wait 5-7 days for a wire transfer to hit can be devastating. As a Juni Partner your affiliates won’t have to wait at all.

Advertising Networks

Make life easier for your media buying clients. Let your clients track their account balances directly in their Juni banking dashboard.

Let them set up alerts when their balance reaches a key threshold.

Automatically attach your invoices to your clients bank statements.

E-commerce Platforms & Payment Gateways

Until now, brands & storeowners have been using a patchwork of apps and platforms to keep track of their funds. Juni enables your clients to see exactly where their money is and how it’s moving.

Strenghten your customers financial health and let their stores grow faster. With a better understanding of their cashflow and easy access to credit they can focus on the things that matter.

Make their administration go away by automatically match all invoices and reciepts with transactions so their accounting prepares itself.

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