Juni to launch Visa Platinum Business Credit Card; The first designed for media buyers in Europe

February 23, 2021

Juni to launch Visa Platinum Business Credit Card; The first designed for media buyers in Europe

Gothenburg, Sweden — December 18, 2020 — E-commerce fintech Juni is launching a Visa Platinum Business Credit Card, the first designed to benefit e-commerce companies and media buyers in Europe. The Credit Card is designed to solve some payment road blocks digital companies face and improve their cash flow. The card will be available by the end of February 2021 in the UK and Europe.

With consumers and businesses spending more time online since the pandemic, media buyers and advertisers have a larger, and arguably more captive, audience. However, they currently face a number of challenges when it comes to managing their finances, not least daily spend limits and delays in getting paid.

By collaborating with Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments, Juni’s users can now apply for a virtual card which can then be used for secure digital payments anywhere Visa is accepted.

The Juni card will benefit users in five major ways:

  1. Scale faster with improved cash flow: When media buyers want to scale a winning campaign, cash flow can quickly become an issue. With a credit card designed specifically for e-commerce and affiliate marketing, Juni will significantly lower the time companies wait to get paid. 

  1. Customizable spend limits: No more daily spend limits imposed by their bank. With Juni, e-commerce companies and media buyers can set their own limits or go unlimited. The choice is theirs.

  1. Up to 0.75% cash back on all their spend. Campaigns get a free return on investment (ROI) boost added straight to their Juni account.

  1. Choice of currency: The Juni Platinum Business Credit Card is available in GBP, EUR, and USD so businesses can avoid fees by paying & getting paid in the right currency.

  2. Unlimited virtual cards: Easily keep track of what different stores, ad accounts, or clients spend by creating dedicated virtual cards.

All these features combined will create a powerful asset for any business that buys media online. Juni is proud to already have a strong partner in Visa moving forward.  

Samir El-Sabini, CEO and Co-Founder of Juni says: “We are very excited to have the opportunity to partner with Visa and be first to market with a Visa Platinum Business Credit Card. We’re proud to be able to help e-commerce companies in EU and UK take their business to the next level”

"In an increasingly digital world, businesses are looking for easier ways to pay and get paid.” said Helen Jones, Europe Head of Visa Business Solutions. "Through our partnership with Juni, e-commerce companies and media buyers will have access to fast, data-rich, secure digital payments, helping them solve payment inefficiencies and ultimately giving them better control over their finances.” 

This partnership also follows a recent €2m seed funding round announcing support from European venture capital firm Cherry Ventures and angel investors like Jarno Vanhatapio (NA-KD) and Johan Bendz (iZettle). The new capital will go towards product development and talent acquisition.

The official product launch is set for early 2021, but it is already possible to sign up for the waitlist. Juni’s waitlist has already been instrumental in product creation thus far and the open beta release is forthcoming.