Juni hosts first ever webinar with Jarno Vanhatapio

September 6, 2021

Hi everyone!

Last week I had a great discussion with one of Swedens most successful e-commerce entrepreneurs and I have to say it ended up being a very interesting discussion.

Jarno discussed the key factors to succeeding in the e-commerce space, scaling your brand to the next level and what the most important factors are to keep in mind in order to take your business to the next level.

Jarnos' track record speaks for itself - he first created Nelly.com which eventually IPO’d and have kept its spot as a household brand in the nordic markets.

After Nelly.com he went on to create NA-KD.com - another success story that now has outgrown his first venture.

I think we managed to bring a lot of value from this discussion, I hope you like it!

Now I’m looking forward to hosting more valuable webinars with influencers and industry leaders - if you have anyone specific you would love to hear please let us know in our community and we’ll try to make it happen!

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Best regards

Samir El-Sabini

CEO Juni