Meet the Juni Card — Made to boost your online ad spend

February 11, 2022

The Juni card is here. 

We’re thrilled to officially launch our newest product — and we can’t wait for you to try it. We’re launching to Juni customers in the UK today, with an EU-wide roll-out to follow very soon.

This is the card online marketers have been waiting for. It understands how ecommerce owners, dropshippers, affiliate marketers and media buyers work in a way that traditional cards don’t.

Samir El-Sabini, Co-founder and CEO, Juni, says, “It is our mission to give ecommerce entrepreneurs peace of mind and the tools they need to accelerate growth. The Juni card does exactly that; unlocking revenue growth by funding large ad campaigns to reach bigger audiences and boost ROAS. All this topped off with 1% cashback on all card spend! Launching the Juni card is a big milestone for us and we’re thrilled to bring this product to our UK customers from today.”

How we’ve made the tailor-made card for online ads

Increasing ad spend budgets

The Juni card helps you to increase your marketing potential. It gives you the media buying power you need to grow your business. With credit limits of up to £400,000 available*, your Juni card will give you a bigger ad spend to help you drive bigger revenues.

Relaxed payment terms

We understand that you don’t always see that money immediately when you make a sale (and especially when you make an affiliate sale). That’s why the Juni card offers guaranteed payment terms of 37 days –with up to 60 days available*– so you’re not paying off ad spend before the funds have even hit your account.

Earn from your ad spend

You have to spend to succeed in online marketing. No spend, no sales. When you’re spending big on your card, we think you should be rewarded for that. The Juni card gives you 1% cashback on all your card spend. That not only adds up to a nice little perk over a year’s spend; it also gives your ROAS a 1% boost 30 days after the end of each month.

0% interest

Margins can sometimes be tight in online marketing, so we don’t want to eat into those. The Juni card’s 0% interest deal helps you to keep hold of more of your hard-earned revenue.

Time for smarter ad spend

It’s time to boost your ad spend. See how bigger budgets, better payment terms and cashback deals will benefit your business when you swap your current media buying card for the Juni card.

With our quick approval process, you could be earning cashback on your very next ad spend.

It’s time to switch to a cashback card that works for you.

Apply Now

*Currently only available for companies registered in the UK. Eligibility, credit line, and credit line increase are subject to application, review, and financial circumstances. 37-day payment terms guaranteed, with up to 60 days available. Terms & Conditions apply.

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