Instant top-ups are here ⚡️

December 15, 2021

We have some good news for you. 

Instant top-ups are now available for GBP accounts, meaning there's no more need to manually enter details (such as the Juni account number and sort code) when transferring funds to Juni. And they're speedy — we managed to transfer funds in under 30 seconds (Can you do better? Challenge accepted).

So, how does it work? Click on the new "Top Up Account" button, select the amount you'd like to receive and the bank you'd like to top up from. Then all that's left to do is to authorise the transaction. Pretty easy, right? (If you'd like to know more, click here).

Oh, one more thing. 

We work with the great folks from SafeConnect to enable this feature. SafeConnect is PSD2 compliant and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. No sensitive information is collected, and no further transactions can be carried out without your authorisation. 

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