Growing up fast — new funding

June 8, 2022

We are very excited to announce the closing of our $206 million funding round which we will use to fuel ecommerce businesses.

Led by Mubadala Capital, the $100 million Series B round serves to strengthen our commitment to making financial management easy for ecommerce businesses. All of our current investors are participating in the round, which includes EQT Ventures, Felix Capital, Cherry Ventures, and Partners of DST Global.

We have also secured $106 million in venture debt financing from TriplePoint Capital, which will be used to fuel the growth of ecommerce businesses through our Juni card.

The conclusion of this round brings Juni’s total funding to $282 million to date. What does this mean for our customers?

To start, a future with fewer frustrations, boosted margins and increased efficiency.

A look ahead

Over the past year, we’ve made our mark on the ecommerce landscape. By creating innovative solutions, we’ve been solving the challenges faced by ecommerce businesses of every shape and size, across the UK and Europe.

This successful funding round is not only beneficial to Juni as a fast-growing scale-up, but for ecommerce owners as well. We are committed to pouring these resources into tools and solutions designed to help you unlock new insights and scale, while getting the most value out of your marketing spend.

Common frustrations of running an ecommerce business

We know that running an ecommerce business has its fair share of frustrations. Between wasted time on ad spend management, lack of visibility of cash flow, and the complexities of scaling ad campaigns, ecommerce businesses are faced with a unique set of challenges that must be overcome in order to be successful over the long term.

Fortunately, we have the vision and substantial investor backing in place to help you bypass these frustrations and win big over both the short and long term.

Time wasted on ad spend management

To maximise profits, you must find ways to cut down on time wasted hassling with ad spend management.

If you are running campaigns across multiple channels, the process of keeping track of your ad spend can become increasingly difficult to manage. The sharp increase in distributed and remote workforces compound these factors and create further inefficiencies for larger operations. Old-school ad spend management also demands that a significant amount of time be tied up with manual inputs and reviews, which takes you away from focusing on growth.

This is where we come in. As a platform tailor-made for ecommerce, we equip ecommerce businesses with tools that allow you to allocate less time to managing ad spend. We help you focus more time on scaling up your business by automating redundant tasks such as receipt uploading and accounting export.

Lack of cash flow visibility

Lacking visibility of your cash flow can create unforeseen challenges as you scale. Staying on top of your company’s finances requires leadership to check multiple accounts for balances and also account for money that is held across various ecommerce platforms — all while simultaneously trying to accurately forecast projections and plan future campaigns.

Our platform is designed to help you mitigate these challenges by offering a single dashboard solution where businesses can keep track of all expenses and cash flow with more precision. With over 2,400 integrations, we give you insights by integrating with your bank, your ecommerce stack and your payment gateways to create a hassle-free cash flow management experience, including a new integration with Google Ads.

There are only so many hours in a day. Our job is to help you get real-time visibility into your liquidity so you can increase speed while efficiently managing your cash flow.

Complexities of scaling ad campaigns

Scaling ad campaigns isn’t easy. Without unified access to your performance and spend data, it becomes difficult to forecast and track metrics across your ecom-stack to accurately assess your campaigns.

This is one of the reasons we created Juni; our platform helps you stay organised and find ways to incrementally improve your campaigns. Our tools enable you to adopt a sustainable approach to scaling and we help you boost your margins with cashback and credit.

A few words on Juni’s vision

“We’re very proud to have secured this funding in such a challenging environment”, says Samir El-Sabini, Co-founder and CEO at Juni. “We’re on a mission to give ecommerce businesses peace of mind by making financial management easy. I know first-hand the frustrations of running an ecommerce business and time wasted on spend management, the lack of visibility of cashflow and scaling ad campaigns. With this funding, we will help ecommerce businesses win by building the right insights, features and integrations while injecting capital into their marketing spend. We’re committed to building the best financial platform for ecommerce and we’re thrilled to have fantastic investors onboard who share our strategic vision.”

What is Juni?

Juni is a financial management platform tailor-made for ecommerce that ties together physical and virtual cards, physical cards, accounting, analytics and digital advertising platforms, giving businesses a holistic view of their finances. In less than a year since its launch, Juni was recognised as the fastest growing fintech start-up in Europe in 2021.

What this funding round means for you

This has been a big year for us; we have a feeling it could be an even bigger year for you.

In 2022, Juni has already gone beyond our beta phase and launched a variety of new features. We also have a bold new brand identity that stands out from the competition - celebrating the chaos, hardships and pressure that ecommerce entrepreneurs face daily.

With this funding round, we’re able to continue pushing past boundaries and show up for our customers today, tomorrow and for years to come, creating solutions for ecommerce businesses who are committed to doing the same.

Ready to take your ecommerce business to the next level?

Get Juni today.

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