Get your very own physical card!

September 28, 2021

Hi everyone!

Today I am super excited to announce that physical cards are now live on Juni.

This is a major milestone for us at Juni in becoming an even more tailor-made financial companion for anyone in ecommerce and performance marketing.

You can now earn 1% cashback on company spend - both online and offline.

Take your team on a Friday dinner - or buy supplies for the office - and still earn that 1% cashback on every single eligible purchase.

Recently, we've also released other features.

You can now filter transactions based on date, account, card, and if the transaction has an invoice attached or if it's missing.

More than that you can now also transfer funds easily from one of your accounts to another within seconds.

These are all small steps towards our vision - looking ahead I can't wait to share new features that will further automate and help your business succeed every step of the way.

Until then,

Best regards,

Aditi Jalan

Product Manager at Juni

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