Meet the future of financial automation

Juni gives ecom Finance teams all the tools and insights they need to help future-proof their cash flow. In the not so distant future, you’ll be able to enjoy a coffee and let Juni take care of the rest. Today, our suite of forward-thinking features gives you:

  • Fast and flexible financing to ease cash flow
  • Receipt matching and automated invoices to save time
  • Unparalleled insights to fuel smarter decisions
  • Up to 1% cashback on debit spend to boost bottom lines
  • All the customer support you need – when you need it
4.5 out of 5
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Gain next level visibility and control

Juni gives you a unified view of your funds, with multi-currency business accounts, automated workflows and unparalleled insights and analytics – all in one place. We can even help boost cash flow with working capital, cashback and more.
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Extend your runway with fast, flexible financing

Juni Capital for cards and invoices gives you interest-free credit lines for everything from ad campaigns to inventory, or extended repayment terms on your media invoices. You could be reviewed and approved in as little as 48 hours.

Make smarter decisions, much faster

Our intelligent cash flow analytics feature delivers all the financial insights you need in seconds. Plus you can access tailored credit offers to ease the pressure as and when you need it.

Auto-collect, pay and finance invoices in seconds

Gone are the days of manual media invoices. Manage and pay your invoices automatically and get up to 90 days to settle with flexible media financing.

All your finances, at your fingertips

Access card details, instantly upload receipts, check balances and more with the Juni mobile app. 

Nothing less than excellent

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Sign up in a few clicks and you could be using Juni to take control of your cash flow in as little as two days.

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