Welcome to the Juni Affiliate Program.

Earn revenue by promoting leading bank services
tailored for eCommerce and affiliate marketing


How the program works.

Start promoting Juni on your blog, Youtube channel or wherever you can drive traffic by following these 3 simple steps.

1. Become our partner

Sign up to our program on Everflow in a
few easy steps. Once approved access your
personal tracking link

2. Promote Juni

Promote Juni through your desired
source of traffic. We always keep our
affiliates informed of best strategies
and creatives.

3. Earn Revenue

Get paid weekly for the revenue generated by wire to your bank account.

Do you have a following in the digital marketing or ecommerce space?

Become an affiliate for Juni and start earnings comission by referring users today.

What We Offer

We offer quick payouts and a flexible payout structure where high volume affiliates will grant you special deals.

High Conversionrate

With our provided creatives you can start making money right away.

High Payout

We offer €225 for the first ordered card. This is a great product with great benefits. Top tier commission for high volume affiliates

Get expert support

Our Affiliate Managers are experts in the scene and each one have over 10 years of experience. We have the inside info on what traffic, demo and angle that converts.

Juni Benefits

Juni is building the future of banking for ecommerce and digital marketing.


How much does the Juni affiliate program pay?

The entry level CPA is €225, it fires when a customer you referred has ordered their first Juni card. We offer custom payouts based on your quality of traffic and volumes.

Who can apply to the Juni affiliate program?

Anyone who can bring traffic to Juni can apply to join the affiliate program. We especially look for great industry influencers, bloggers and thought-leaders, but if you can bring great quality traffic you might qualify for our program as well.

What payment methods do you support?

We only offer payouts via Wire Transfer at this time to any valid bank account globally. The minimum threshold to get paid is $1000 in revenue generated.

Still have questions?

Sign up to our affiliate program on the links above and reach out to your account manager if you have additional questions.